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3 years ago

A layer cake of marketing mastery

Nov 12th 2010 at 12:20 PM

I thought I had got it cracked with the combination of Traffic Hoopla, Trafficwave and the other marketing aids I mentioned in my previous article. Then I picked up on an ad I'd been meaning to check out for a few days, called TE Profits.

It was like an animated jigsaw with all the pieces slotting into place in front of me, but in other ways it reminded me of a layer cake!

The base layer is my principal businesses, Cashbackcard, Sendoutcards and GDI (which I promote via a couple of team builds). The choice of a core business is vital. Sendoutcards and GDI are long term, secure and reliable. Cashbackcard is new and currently UK only but has huge potential as many people are coming in just because they want the card and the online discounts, people who aren't interested in internet marketing at all.

That is what MY 'base layer' consists of, but it could be literally ANY affilate business because the rest of the layers will be exactly as I describe here, except you'll have your affiliate URL's listed and promoted in the traffic exchanges. If people join your core businesses from any kind of  personal recommendation and social contact, i.e. other than from traffic exchange links, you just have to give them the TE Profits link and explain that this is how professional marketers build and manage their businesses - as part of the care and training you should be offering your most important downline members.

The middle layer is made up of the elements I described in my last article, all the best advertising and administrative tools that every internet marketer must have to survive and progress. If you haven't read it go and read it now, otherwise what comes next won't have the impact that it should do.

TE Profits is the top layer AND the icing on the cake! Without it, I would be promoting all the middle layer elements separately, but with it, I am promoting just ONE link. Behind this link is an autoresponder series, stitched into my existing Trafficwave account, Traffic Hoopla and a stack of extra traffic exchanges and lead generators.

Now I might not USE all of the exchanges and generators every day, but the downline building that is the core of TE Profits, means that anyone who joins TE with me, ALSO joins all the underlying elements AND they are looked after automatically by the autoresponder letters and the advertising sources are tracked by the ad tracker feature in Trafficwave.

In that way, I can see where the most ad conversions are coming from, and I can maximise the effect of the credits I use, just by promoting TE Profits and save credits gained from referrals and monthly upgrades for promoting my core businesses direct. It is going to save me a colossal amount of time too, time I can spend on Skype, picking up new leads and talking to people about my businesses.

A layer cake has interesting and tasty things between the cake layers too. In this case, it is the extras that TE Profits hides, that bring additional income, e-book sales and referral commissions for all the exchanges, plus revenue from building my Trafficwave team.

TE Profits DOES take time to set up, in fact it has taken a full afternoon to get all the affiliate links in the right places and the autoresponder campaign letters set up, but I promise you, if you do it, you will look back and say that it was the best use of a few hours that you could have done to help your online business future.

It contains everything you need, those a/r letters were already done and tested for me, ready to import and the instructions are meticulously detailed.

For the first time since I have been in internet marketing, I feel that I have a TOTAL business, one in which all the i's are dotted and t's crossed. It will give me the time to look at new programs and see if and how they fit into my layers, without detracting from any time dedicated to my core businesses.

If you have seen the ad before and passed over it, go back and look again. If you are already in Trafficwave (and you should be after my last article!) then the cost of TE is negligible and could begin to pay you back in hours if you start to promote as soon as you have set it up.

TE Profits - fantastic, absolutely A1 recommended.

PS - Do you like sprinkles on your layer cake icing? Then get this FREE report from Jerry Iannucci -

Get Jerry's free report here


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Jan 16th 2011 at 5:21 AM by drkelp
Good, informative article.

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