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A “Job Free Lifestyle”

Jun 12th 2011 at 10:20 AM

I think you will Love Today’s Lesson!

How David Turned 2.3 Hours Driving Into A “Job Free Lifestyle” – By Daegan Smith

I often get asked:

“Can I really get out of my job starting with only this …”

Recruit Like Crazy

Well, David King sent in this case study not long ago.  It should give you a definitive answer.

David King wrote in:

“When I found it online while searching for home based business opportunities I thought… Yeah right!  Like it would tell me what I can do to make a full time income from home …(Yeah right … Been there, heard that before.)  I thought that before I got it :) When I received it I listened to it and thought… Wow that was pretty good, but …I didn’t really do anything with the information that I just learned.  I continued to go and spend money on internet business education from almost every guru you’ve ever heard of and some you will probably never hear of!  I have spent thousands of dollars in internet marketing and internet business education.

I was working for an electric company and was getting really sick of my job.  I was actually visiting my family for the weekend and happened to find your audio training on my iPod.  I thought what the heck?  Might as well listen to it because I have a couple hours of driving and it would be better to educate myself anyways!  I listened to it again and it hit me.  I realized that this was literally a goldmine.  Four words can sum it up.  ‘It Just make’s sense’

I realized that there were several ways to generate leads and I knew that I could do it!  I just had to TAKE ACTION on what I had just learned!  I started implementing some of his strategies and my traffic and leads came just like you said they would.  I am now out of my job In a good way :) And I am working from home.  I don’t make millions of dollars but my income is going up and it just keeps getting better and better.

Here’s the thing I like about Daegan most.  He doesn’t hold “secrets” like everyone else.  He tells you what he did, what works, and how to make it work for you in your business.  To be honest I don’t know why he just gives this stuff away?  ‘What were you thinking Daegan?’  If I were selling it I would make it a real nice product and sell it for say $300 :) It’s worth it!  Just make sure that when you listen to it that you take notes.  There’s at LEAST a couple thousand
dollars of internet marketing advice awaiting you inside!

I’m just glad that I have the knowledge to be able to make money from home and I don’t have to work in a day job for the rest of my life.  That would have been along time if it wasn’t for the help of Daegan!  Thanks a Bunch bro!” – David King.

My response:

David, I want to congratulate you on your new found freedom!  You did it, not me.  I’m happy to be part of that story, and I can’t wait to hear the next chapter.  You’re right.  I am pretty silly to literally give this resource away.

Recruit Like Crazy

I thought long and hard about doing it before I gave it the green light for the exact reason you stated.  Things given away aren’t treated with the value they should be.  I may go back and change things.  We’ll see, but I’m happy you shared the portion of your story where you went off to try other things and by off chance on a drive found your way back to my little blueprint.  Sometimes it takes a little “salt of experience” to realize the true value of what you’ve already got.  Take it from me.

Recruit Like Crazy

Is exactly how I quit my job, nothing hidden.  I’m pumping my fists in the air right now knowing that it’s done the same for you.  I only hope that if you’re reading this right now that If you’ve had any reservations about picking up this little “goldmine”, as David called it, that His story and his results have solidified your decision to say “Yes! I’m ready for the challenge of a new life!”

The challenge awaits you on the other side of this link:

Recruit Like Crazy

Are you ready?

To the top,

Steven Wagstaff

I may take David’s advice and raise the price soon. Best to watch this now:

Recruit Like Crazy

If you’ve got my little “Recruit Like Crazy” blueprint and you haven’t listened to it in a while – pop it in your iPod sometime today.  I guarantee you’ll find something you hadn’t before.

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