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1 year ago

A Few More Things You Should Know!

Jan 26th 2011 at 1:55 PM

Here is how it is all coming together.  I have already shared with you the benefiting from large trends video done by Tim Sales .

The MPB Today program is uniquely positioning itself to benefit from a truly huge market trend that has now exceeded 1 billion dollars per year and is projected to grow to 85 billion dollars per year in this decade!  This trend is being validated with projects by companies like Sears, Amazon and Walmart ... look at the report from InvestorPlace. MPB Today is pre-positioning its customer base throughout the U.S. and Canada with a strategy that allows people to immediately save money by reducing (or even eliminating) the cost of groceries and gasoline from their household budgets AND allowing people to earn extra income at the same time!  Some are more interested in saving money, others are looking to increase their earnings, and, of course, many are keenly interested in doing BOTH!

Because the company pays retail sales bonuses on a weekly basis to active members that refer additional active members people can earn income very quickly.  As these members are place into group volume purchasing teams they can earn income, products and/or gift cards that can be the same brand name products a person has been preferring to purchase, and this program can allow this to happen with no ongoing out-of-pocket expense!

A great resource is being provided by Pete Kowanko, (in Park City, Utah), a member of our group and an excellent field leader; Pete conducts a daily conference call in which there is a dynamic exchange of information and ideas that facilitate growth.  The call on Tuesday, 1/25, was particularly insightful and I encourage you to listen to the recorded copy of it. (copy and paste if the hot link does not properly direct you to the recording of the call): https://app.freeconferencecallhd.com/playback.html?cn=94-43-28-63&e=1451538000000&cid=conferences/-17-65-673-17-65-67-17-65-6789-17-65-67-36-7896-17-65-67-17-65-67-17-65-6736-17-65-67-17-65-6781.mp3


I have sources of people who are interested in working with us (there is one thing I do that gets people to call and ask for more information!).  As I continue to get people that are interested in the benefits available to MPB Today members I prefer to place them where it will also help one of my team members to either earn a retail sales bonus and move them closer to receiving the cycle earnings too. To benefit from my efforts then register as an active member and then I will be able to refer folks to your company website too.

There are a couple of people who have told me they are ready to register, would you like to be in place before they come on board?  If so, please call me and I will provide you the proper link to use in registering and help you with the easy steps to complete the registration process.

To OUR success,

~Lonnie 713-417-8298


P.S.   I have found that human nature often causes us to say "NO" to things that we do not understand.  And yet as people kNOw more about a particular thing they will begin to see things from a different perspective and may come to different conclusions too.  The next time someone tells you "NO", I encourage you to hear that as a request for them to kNOw more about whatever it is that you are sharing with them.  Of course, there will be some point in the discussion when they DO know enough to have formed reasons to say "NO" as an informed response ... that is okay, you have done what you should have done and can be assured that if at some future date that person has a change in circumstance or heart that he/she will remember the effort you made to inform them.

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Jan 27th 2011 at 6:46 AM by LonnieG
Hi, Roosevelt! Thank you for your comments! I certainly hope everyone will follow your recommendation to "like" this information so that it can be listed high up on the front page display of articles. Again, thanks! ~L
Jan 26th 2011 at 6:07 PM by roosevans
Great article explaining the benefits of MPB Today, Lonnie. I hope every one that reads this article will click the "Like" button and leave a comment because that's the only way new articles can make the article "front page" here on IMfaceplate.

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