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1 year ago

A Cell Phone Company That Pays You

Jun 10th 2013 at 6:35 PM

By now I am sure you've heard of several companies that are willing to pay you to refer other people. It's a common practice in business today. It makes a ton of sense. Give people an incentive to tell others about a service, and grow your customer base at the same time. It's a business concept that seems to be barrowed from the Network Marketing industry. But until now, there have been very few companies who attempt to be as generous as network marketing companies usually are.

Most of them, share a residual income with their distributors for helping to grow the customer base. But very few have been able to be successful as both a cell phone company, And a network marketing company too - due to the high costs and fees of being in the wireless industry.

The big 3 do not make it easy to compete - but that's exactly what Solavei is seeking to do.

Through Solavei, Ryan Wuerch has successfully combined the Social Nature of the Internet with Cell Phone Service in a Unique way, that blends in a network marketing pay structure as the incentive to share Solavei with others. They've made sharing natural.

They've created their own Private Social Network for members of Solavei to use, to communicate with customer support directly; giving their input on what they love ... and especially about what they hate.

This feedback is a direct line to the company, and has allowed for several of the improvements Solavey has made since launching in August of 2012 - such as ditching the $49 enrollment fee and allowing new customers to join, for Free - improving the solavei compensation plan, making it simpler to understand what you'll be paid on the Trios that fall within your 'referral network' - Throwing in Sim Cards and partnering up with GSMNation to provide the latest Smart Phones that work Perfectly with Solavei - and packaged it all within our awesome "Social Member Websites" which all of us recieve when we join Solavei's referral program.

It's quite simply, the cell phone company that pays you - instead of the one that's ripping you off with high monthly plans and contracts with high fees if you choose to cancel; that lock you in to Paying Too Much For Your Cell Phone - Solavei is starting a revolution - a Social revolution - where you and I are going to tell each other about a Way to spend less, use our phones more - And Make Money - simply by sharing That awesome cell phone service with others.

Now, there are a few 'other companies' that got pretty upset with how awesome Solavei is, and decided to take shots at them - Shots like suggesting they'd prefer to be paid on Every single person they sign up, rather than every Trio.

A Trio is 3 people - in other words, Solavei is going to pay you $20 on Every Trio in your Network; That's going to add up, as your network grows and expands. If you understand that, then I hope you're thinking Much Larger than 3 people.

But, let me deal directly with this nonsense - because that is what it is.

There is nothing wrong with having Incentives in a compensation plan. The Solavei Compensation Plan is set up in such a way that people have a real Incentive to tell others; but they want people to tell MORE than just one person.

The Reward for telling 3, is $20 per month.

Other companies might pay a One Time Bonus on each customer;  or a very LOW residual on each customer; So they might get paid on every customer BUT it's like $1 per customer; maybe $5 ... sometimes it's more but - usually to get paid More; you have to 'qualify' with some other kind of built in Incentive, that these Other Companies like to leave out, while attempting to bash what Solavei is offering.

This is a cell phone company so they're not trying to go out of business by paying people on every single customer; BUT if a person will refer 3 people, they'll share some profits; If they keep doing it; They'll keep sharing profits.

That's SO awesome that other companies probably feel they Have to knock Solavei just to stay in business; and convince people to join - pay $100/mo - or $300 to join and $20/mo to be a member, on top of your cell phone bill ----- Or some other complicated, expensive gimmick.

Solavei Keeps It Simple. You Should Too.

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