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A Break Down of Feeder Matrix

Apr 2nd 2014 at 6:46 PM


What is Feeder Matrix?

Feeder matrix is a 4x4 forced matrix. What does that mean? It means that there are four levels,on the first level there are 4 people, on the second level there are 16 people, on the third level there are 64 people and on the last level there are 256 people.

This is really an easy to fill matrix because it has only 4 levels.There is a huge spillover and spillunder in this matrix.

But I thought there are 8 levels? Technically there is, however everyone that is in your first 4 levels are going to follow you into your  last  4 levels. Which therefore give you a total of 8 levels.

What is The Feeder Matrix Product?

Downloadable Software and Other Digital Products. When you upgrade through the levels you unlock the digital products for those levels

How Can You Earn With Feeder Matrix?

Feeder Matrix has a really small entry fee. It's  really great for beginners because of the small joining fee and because it is only 4x4 matrix which offers you the possibility of spillover. Not to mention. It's  also great for  seasoned marketers. Whose looking to supplement there business opportunity,or just create another stream of income.

Tired Of Paying The High Cost For Income Opportunities?

If your tried other programs that require a $50 joining fee. You might notice if you don't already have a lead list. That it doesn't grow as fast, and when they ask for you to pay every month 10,20, or $50 just to be an active member whether you earn or don't earn is just too much. The good thing about Feeder Matrix is that you start with a $1.75 investment and once you complete all of  your upgrades.You never have to pay anything else again.. Just receive payments of Stage One Upgrades.

Stage One

$1.75 for Level 1

$5 for Level 2

$10 for Level 3

$20 for Level 4

Stage Two

$40 for Level 5

$80 for Level 6

$160 for Level 7

$320 for Level 8

This  is really affordable for everyone to start making money with the Stage One upgrades. To build up money for the stage two upgrades. And the best thing is there is no monthly membership. You pay just once for each Upgrade.

How Much Can You Earn With FEEDER MATRIX?

$1.75 - Get $7
$5 - Get $80
$10 - Get $640
$20 - Get $5120
$40 - Get $160
$80 - Get $1280
$160 - Get $10240
$320 - Get $81920


All that from just a $1.75

Payments are instant because you pay directly to your sponsors and upline as you upgrade. As do your downline pay you via your payment processor, No admin fee,No minimum withdrawal... JUST instant payments as your Team upgrades.

If your ready to join for a low cost of $1.75 Then CLICK HERE to join one of my referrals in Feeder Matrix.

To our Success!

Patricia Stevenson
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