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Network marketing entrepreneur, rancher, homemaker, quilter and love to meet new friends. I like to watch movies, spend time enjoying the outdoors, horsebackriding, gardening and family. I\\\'m currently working with a team of highly successful entrepreneurs, We offer a duplicable system called \\\"The Ultimate Success System\\\" which will get you onto the first page of Google for your opportunity, product or service. We are NumisNetwork marketing reps. We collect coins and make money while we are working our businesses. Contact me today for more information!
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A Blessing In Disguise!

Aug 18th 2010 at 6:47 PM

“Networking with No Experience Necessary”…Have you heard this one before?

I tried networking to build a business. Knowing I had to start with the basics, as any beginner would, I started accepting contacts on social media sites and making a list, or so I thought.

I had always heard the money is in the list. Have you ever heard that one before?

I was creating an Internet presence by being friendly with my “contacts” and asking them had they heard of my company before. I was told, that would open the door for the dialogue needed to build my business.

I did, it didn’t. I tried so many things day in and day out. With each new opportunity came new instructions, new “secrets” or as they are often referred to, “nuggets”.

I had reached the point that when someone said they had a “nugget” for me, my brain would stop listening. I mean I would just shut down. The advice I was getting was not creating success for my family and me.

My favorite line that I got from each and everyone that wanted me to join their opportunity was, “I will help you”. When I did join, there help was lip service. Their idea of help was not producing income for me.

I knew there had to be more. My instincts told me there was something out there just for me. Something inside me knew that network marketing was going to make that little difference my family needed. Then it happened.

Last year about mid 2009 my husband was laid-off for the first time in his life. It came suddenly; but with the economy in 2009 everyone was kind of expecting something terrible to happen. It was devastating.

Rumors of layoffs were worldwide. While watching the news it was very common to hear about another probe or failure with one or several businesses. Very unnerving I’m sure, not just to me but everyone.

I re-dedicated myself to finding something I could do at home to help out monetarily. I really didn’t realize all that I was getting myself into..ha!

Several times before in the past, I had looked for a home business. You know, calling the numbers on signs I saw here and there. Sending off for packets in the mail and such; every one of them was a total scam.

So, back to the internet I went. I worked with a couple of well-known companies. I tried several before finally becoming wiser about what I was going to SPEND my time doing.

You do know, you SPEND your time. You trade your work, which is actually your time, for money. Most of the time SPENT working internet businesses is usually just trading your time for zero or very little money.

I had a “little” success at first but nothing to speak of, nothing to write home about. I knew it would happen. I knew I was getting closer to the information necessary for me to be successful. I felt it. I told myself that I’m just paying my dues right now. I’m learning the hard way, but learning nonetheless, so I kept trying.

I had another “little” success with a home business, probably the fifth one I tried. Always spending more money than I made, which seemed to be the trend. Many people feel this way as they are in a similar situation as me.

I had heard of others working from home having success and I was on a mission to find out how they did it! And believe me, when I set my mind to investigate, you can bet I was looking very hard.

I couldn’t let my husband be right when he would tell me that everything on the internet was a scam. I just couldn’t. I knew better. There are too many success stories for ALL of them to be fake.

Through my research, I began learning the ways and means of a successful home business. I found the most disturbing trend. Everyone had one complaint in common.

Somewhere on their list of gripes, the same thing would pop out. I started taking particular notice of this. Everyone was told to duplicate... Have you heard that one before?

Duplicate, duplicate, duplicate. That’s what kept jumping out at me, duplicate. Duplicate your upline. Have your downline duplicate you. Duplicate what successful people are doing. Duplicate, duplicate, duplicate.

People had a problem giving their team a duplicable method of successfully attracting people to their programs.

There were several things I tried doing. These programs would advertise tools to use and therefore attract people in home businesses to your site. I really didn’t like advertising these programs and not advertise my own primary interest.

It seemed there had to be another way.

Then I met Kenneth and Lisa Bristol. I found what they had to say about internet marketing very different from the approaches I had been looking at before, for the past year or so.

They suggested a form of Branding that I had never heard of, Self Branding. I had been blogging up until then on numerous sites and had seen articles written by others on the same thought process.

They all seemed so shallow like they had been copied out of books they had read. They all looked alike. They all appeared to use the same template.

None of them “explained” or “taught” how to do it. They just said that it needed to be done. It was the same situation as the duplication thing, no clear-cut instructions on “how to get it done.

As frustrating as this was, it reinforced my belief that there was in fact a way to be successful.

While searching for the right opportunity for me, I met Kenneth and Lisa and Kenneth started training me even though I was not on their team. This was odd.

Someone who not only had the answers, but gave them to me in a way I could understand. Even more odd, he gave me the information freely. He didn’t even ask me to join his opportunity. At this point, I was totally perplexed.

After the fact, he explained how he attracted me to his opportunity. It was amazing. I had just witnessed Attraction Marketing in action. I had just been through what I had been looking for. I asked them if I could join their team and their opportunity. 

Did you catch that one? Or did you just miss it? I’ll repeat it.

I asked them if I could join their team and their opportunity. Yes, the system did exist and it worked, ON ME! In addition to me being the one to ask them to join, they said that I needed to learn how to do this and they had a system in place to do just that.

All the searching had paid off. I found the team that had a successful AND duplicable system.

So I have joined Kenneth and Lisa Bristol in their Primary Opportunity first of all, because they are very successful network marketers and live a life not many of us live. So to me, they are worthy of following.

Second, they had a new and refreshing way of approaching internet marketing and MLM’s. They Co-Founded a group called and are teaching their ways to others through their MSC University.

Seemed like a GREAT spot to be in for me. “A Blessing In Disguise.”

So if you want success as much as I did. If you want to make money, not like the 95% of network marketers out there today; making a couple of bucks here and there, you need to check these guys out.

Join our Primary Opportunity and then get yourself plugged-in to for the ride of your life! I know from experience you will thrive on what you learn here, plus the money part just happens with this team.

That’s what I had been looking for; Success! Thank you Kenneth and Lisa for being A Blessing In Disguise.


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