9 Recommended Gemstones As Per Vedic Astrology

Aug 12th 2015 at 4:06 AM

People might assume that wearing a list of gemstones according to the recommendation of an astrologer as per the Vedic astrology works in their favor or not? Does, wearing a ruby gemstone can aid in averting the serious health issues? Moreover, does wearing blue sapphire stone will change their fortune? So the answer is yes, Now you must be wondering that how wearing a gemstone can make an impact on your life.

Meaning Of Vedic Astrology: The existence of Vedic astrology is not from today, though it has made their presence from  4000 years ago. In ancient times, before civilization, our "rishi" or "Saints" envisages through the transcendental visions, the connection between the celestial bodies of our solar system and the human body. According to Vedic astrology the planet makes an impact on our lives-  through their repositioning  and emanating energies. In fact, each individual planet embodies certain energies which they emanate regularly as well as they do emit magnetic and electric fields. Vedic astrology states that each planet possesses certain cosmic color energy which they originate throughout the cosmos. Hence, these cosmic colored rays along with the magnetic and electric forces generate a significant impact on the living creatures.

During the birth of a human being the position and alignment of these planets are studied according to Vedic astrology. It has been found that during the birth of a child some of the planet will be positioned favorably, others will be positioned unfavorably and they will bestow result according to their position. By the result of this life of a person is the result of the positioning of cosmic design and the alignment of planet during the birth of a person. In spite of that there are methods which can be used to please these planets.

Planets And Vedic astrology: There are nine planets in those seven are visible: Sun, Saturn, Venus, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Moon and two are non-visible, but due to their effectiveness, they are also considered to be the planets: Rahu And Ketu. These 9 Jyotish planets create positive or negative impact on the life of an individual in accordance with their presence in the respective houses of an individual horoscope. However, in order to control or to enhance the effects created by these planets one can wear gemstone. Each planet has their respective astrological gemstone which has been decided according to the color properties of the gemstone and their respective gemstones.

How Gemstone Works: Each gemstone has similar color spectrum in accordance to different planets which emanates different cosmic energies. The cosmic energies of these planets reflect upon the human through the gemstone which he/she wears and it creates an impact on the human being by reflection or absorption. It is said that the gemstone enacts as the medium between the planet and humanity, which receives cosmic energy through planets and absorb or reflect it upon a human being based on the rays positivity or negativity. It reflects the  positive rays to human being and absorb the negative rays.

List of Gemstone and Planet

Ruby Gemstone:- Sun is considered to be the lord of this gemstone.

Yellow Sapphire:- This Stone is related to the planet Jupiter. Wearing this stone can bequeath quick wealth to its user.

Pearl Stone:- Moon

Blue Sapphire:- The Blue color gemstone is worn to control the negative energy of Saturn and to bring quick wealth

Red Coral Or Moonga:- The red coral or moonga stone is related to control the negative energy of mars planet.

Emerald:- This gemstone is used for planet Venus. It is also called ‘stone of love’

Hessonite or Gomedh:- It is used to control the malefic effect of rahu.

Cat’s Eye Gemstone:- It is used for Ketu planet. It removes all the ill-effects of ketu.

Diamond:- It is used for planet Venus.


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