9 Reasons for Becoming a Volunteer - Best Way to Give Back To the Society

Feb 20th 2015 at 1:39 AM

Volunteering is mainly motivated by the desire to serve needy persons. It involves the duty to help others, who are less fortunate in life. There are multiple reasons behind becoming a volunteer.

Many people join an organization to fulfill their self-serving ambitions. It is basic nature of every human being to help others. Lending money, skills, energy and time for the needy people helps the volunteer to know their true worth as a human being. It can be both rewarding and challenging job to be done in your spare time.

The thoughts directing to volunteer are:

• To serve others: it gives a satisfaction of solving other people’s problems.

• To find peace of soul: It is a kind of self-satisfying act, which helps to calm our mind to live a healthy and meaningful life.

• The need to do useful work for humanity: This way, you can do something good for others.

• To keep oneself busy after retirement: People who have retired find it as a valuable way to spend their time serving others. They are able to spend quality time by helping others.

• The desire to share your professional skills: It gives a solution to improve and experiment professional skill.

• As a part of healing therapy: Many people, who have suffered in their life, find it as a way to heal their soul and mind. It helps in regaining confidence.

• To gain popularity or status: It is the right way to achieve popularity in short period.

• To develop personal growth:  Many people find it as a medium to grow their personality as a good loving person. It is a chance to give back what you have gained from your community.

• To recognize a sense of achievement: While doing a good job of helping others, gives you a sense of achieving fulfillment in life.

How to become a volunteer

Before registering your name with any non-profit organizations, you need to understand the reasons motivating you to work as a volunteer. The answer will help you to direct the right kind of serving job for you. Always try to opt for tasks, which need your experience and skill. It will be beneficial to join training session organized by social service sectors.

It will be wise to join the organization or club, which sounds meaningful to fulfill your need to do volunteer work. You can even start your own organization. Some social service clubs even organize volunteers to serve globally. It will help you to have global knowledge and improve your skills.

There are two options either you can work whole time or do part time volunteering. If you select to volunteer for part time, registering in an organization in your locality will be better choice. For global volunteering purposes, you need to choose internationally acclaimed organization.

You can try voluntary work in India by registering online or through any social organization. You just have to give full info about yourself including your interest in the kind of job you will like to serve as volunteer.

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