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8 Marketing Practices I HATE

Sep 20th 2012 at 3:00 PM

I do not know about you but here are the 8 practices that I just HATE when other marketers are trying to "sell" me on their online income opportunities.

(1) Asking other online marketers to "friend" them on FaceBook, just so they can post their income opportunities to your FaceBook wall, up to 10 TIMES A DAY.  I mean come on, when they visit most online marketer FaceBook pages, to get the "request friend" link, they should already know (if they looked at the page at all) that they are in several income opportunities already.  Using this marketing method just shows me that the are "marketing amateurs" that have NO idea how to properly market their online opportunities.

(1) Stripping email address from other marketer blogs and SafeList ads, and then sending these marketers un-wanted "spam" email ads asking them to join their online business.  Just another "under handed" marketing method showing me that they are "marketing amateurs".

(3) Stripping phone numbers from other marketer blogs, home pages, and SafeList ads, and either putting these phone numbers in their automatic marketing phone callers or "cold calling" these marketers, trying to get them to join their online opportunity.  Sometimes I get 5 or more of these calls everyday and it just pusses me off and wastes my time.

(4) Marketers that that use the "bait and switch" method of marketing.  They email you wanting your phone number and a good time to call you, stating that they are wanting more information about one of your online businesses.  You reply and they call you asking some general questions about your online business, then tell you that your program has all these "faults" (mostly lies they make up on the fly, as they actually know nothing about your program) and that you should get out of your program.  Then they try to "sell" you their online business stating it will make you much, much more money with their program.  Classic bait and switch marketing.  If you are a marketer that uses this method in your marketing, do not try this on me as you will get a VERY PISSED OFF PERSON on the other end of the line.

(5) Marketers that add "pop ups" to their online opportunities capture pages.  You know what I am talking about.  You look at their online business capture page, decide that you are not interested, try to close the page, and another page comes up asking "are you sure" or "wait there is more" or "do not say no yet", and on and on.  I have seen some of these capture pages that have as many as 7 pop ups.  Hey, if I am not interested in your online opportunity, I AM NOT INTERESTED!!!  Do you really think that seven pop up pages is going to change my mind?

(6) Email ads that have like 10,000 words of text and/or like 5 or more links to their capture page.  I mean who really takes that time to read an email ad that is longer than some online books?  Plus who only reads the first two or so lines of a long email and decides they must click on your capture page link and join immediately before they even finish reading the rest of your email?  Emails like these are just another sign of an marketing amateur.  Most experienced marketing pros keep their emails to approximately 500 words or less with no more than one or two links to their capture page.

(7) Email ads with ad titles like "RE-", "Your Membership has Expired", "You Have Just Been Paid", "You CC Has Been Charged", "You Account Has Been Cancelled", "Your Order Has Been Shipped" and other misleading titles.  When I open online opportunity emails with ad titles like these, the first thing I think is "Is this persons online opportunity so CRAPPY that they must use deceptive ad titles just to get people to even look at it?" and "Do I even want to join under someone who feels that they must be deceptive to get people to join under them?"

(8) Any online opportunity that uses clams like "Guaranteed Earnings", "Make Money Doing Nothing", "Everybody Will Earn Thousands In the First Week", "We Will Spend 40 Thousand Dollars Advertising Your Business", "Make Thousands Per Week Just Taking Surveys" and so on.  They is NO such thing as GUARANTEED EARNINGS in online businesses!! NOBODY (expect maybe the government) pays people to join and do NOTHING!!  NO "newbie", to online marketing, makes thousands in their first week (most are lucky to make anything)!!  If they are only asking $39.99 per month and offering you 40 thousand dollars in advertising, who is paying the other $39,960.01, nobody that's who!!  NOBODY earns thousands per week just taking surveys!!
Most experienced online marketers can see thought these "crap" or "scam" online opportunities.  It is the online "newbies" that get sucked into these programs, lose their shirts, and are forever "tainted" against all  online opportunities.  Making it almost impossible to get them to ever join another online opportunity, even the good, legitimate online programs out there.  And the sad fact is some of these people would have made great affiliates to have had in your legitimate online opportunity.

Think about it, would you want to join as an affiliate under someone who has shown by their marketing practices that they are an amateur or newbie to online marketing and maybe know less about marketing then even you?  Just how much support can you expect from them in helping you build your downline?  Maybe they are just hoping you can help build their business by building yours.  Or would you want to join as an affiliate under someone who uses "under handed" marketing practices?  How could you trust this person to advise you on the correct and honest way to market any online business? 

I know I would not be interested in joining, any online business, with either type of marketer!!!!

Here are my 8 practices that I hate from other marketers...  Please feel free to add any additional ones that you have to the comment section of  this blog post....

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