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Success Coach, leader, networker, mentor, MLM author, networking, connecting and building relationships online since 1996. Teaching and supporting others in how to succeed in the Network Marketing profession.

Professional Network Marketer living at Lake Travis in Austin Texas with husband and two sons.

Enjoy family, reading, self development, helping others achieve success in Network Marketing, passionate follower of Christ, and listening (ie: Bible, Dani Johnson, Joyce Meyer, Joel Osteen, Mark Gorman, Laurie Beth Jones), bird watching, lake activities, health/wellness and fitness, Yoli The Better Body Company, walking, gardening. Gluten Free foodie.
Sue Seward | sueseward
Network Marketing is BIG Business! Treat it like a 'real' business and it will pay you like one! Be prosperous in your business!

7 Tips To Jump Start Your Network For Real Success!

Oct 5th 2011 at 8:00 AM



1.  Learn to listen. This is the best way to really find out what
a person is actually into or interested in.   When we go into a car
dealer and the sales person starts babbling on and on about a hot
rod sports car and we have no interest in buying one, he's just
wasted our time and his right?  Start asking some questions and
then be in tune to listening!  It's the best way to network for
real success!

2.  Try not to analyze so much. This is why someone with an
entrepreneurial personality may accomplish more in Network
Marketing.  They just take the bull by the horns, dive in and get
to work and ask questions later!  Sometimes by the time we have
asked all our questions about the company, the comp plan, the
products, how to build the business, and then asked the same
questions for the umpteenth time, the boat has already left the

3. Stop complaining so much about every little thing that can go
wrong.  When we complain too much we can talk ourselves right out
of ever having real success in anything in life.  Moaning,
grumbling and complaining about our situation, failures,
hardships, will only stagnate our success.


4.  Build belief. Become a Leader. The best way to real success is
belief in ourselves and what we're doing.  Plug into training with
the company, sponsor and upline.    All training from our sponsor
and upline leadership should be accessible.  Read success
books and listen to CD's.  Buy them used on Amazon, or go to the
library, read or listen to them online.  Go to events.  That's what
they are for.  Investing in our business (ROI) pays us back
tenfold. Constantly be learning and growing.  When we stop growing
we're dead.  Become a leader and add value to people's lives and
help them build their business.

5. Work a system that duplicates. Systems duplicate people do
not. The simpler we make it for people to duplicate the better.
Use the tools to KISS.  Keep It Simple!   Have people watch a video
on a company replicated website that everyone has access too as a
distributor, or give them a CD to listen to, or invite them to
conference calls and webinars, or a sizzle line, whatever
tools your company provides.  Then answer their questions,
do a 3/way if necessary with sponsor/upline and plug them in
to duplicate the same.

6.  Stop blaming others for failure. We are the captain of our own
ship.  Failure is just the rehearsal, success is the main event.
There will always be obstacles and challenges to overcome in any
worthwhile endeavor.  Get over it and keep on taking action that
will lead to success!  When we fail no one is to blame but us!
Besides if everything that goes wrong is always someone else's
fault they are the ones growing through the failures right?
Because when we're not failing we're not growing forward for

7. Never quit! No ifs, ands, or buts'!   Giving up is never
the right road to take!


For more tips and resources to help you Network For Real
Success visit -

Sue Seward


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