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7 steps to success - How to earn in Gold Line International.

Feb 19th 2013 at 10:02 AM

1. To make the decision.

On the one hand it is very simple, but actually the choice is always difficult, but, having made decisions and having started to operate, not to recede from a goal.

2. To be registered and pay.

For registration in system you need my number of the certificate - VK99326.
At a payment stage many beginners have difficulties, and it shouldn't frighten you.
Gold Line International is integrated with payment system wallet one (walletone.com) that allows to do immediate translations from one participants to another and does system absolutely transparent.

3. To dispatch invitations.

Dispatch the invitation regularly!!!

It isn't difficult, after all here you shouldn't meet people personally, there is no need to convince them, there is no need to sell. The Internet provides a large number of ways for the invitation – you already know many ways and learn new, you can invent them.

Simply send the reference to a site or to video presentation on your page in a social network (it as it will be more convenient to you), at least 5 paid people aren't registered yet. I will remind that they will act with different speed therefore it is better to you not to stop, and to continue to invite, but already giving more attention to points 4-6.

4. Help.

Ask the registered people in couple of days what they have questions and whether the help is necessary to them. Help the referrals as your income will depend on their activity. Allocate time to pay attention to the team, and teach them how to invite.

Make for them the step-by-step system of actions, advise on all questions, help to eliminate doubts. To support enthusiasm of your referral up to that time while it won't orient in system and one of problems of your business in Gold Line won't learn to operate independently.

5. Provide to the beginner confidence that it can work with referrals.

Not all are sure that can work with referrals. A secret that the potential is in everyone. Your task to help the referrals to open it.

After the new participant of system paid the account - tell it as you invite, impart experience. It will help beginners to coordinate quicker the actions and will give base for work start with the referrals. It will be much simpler to them to work with the ready knowledge base, and they will get rid of need to fill superfluous cones on a way to success. Creating conveniences another, you create them to yourselves. The Gold Line system is a system of mutual aid, in it its difference from others.

6. Creation of structure.

When in your structure people on 2 started to appear and the 3rd level pay attention that each participant of system found not less than 5 active participants, set the purposes, generally, did the same simple actions as you. As far as possible try to trace it. The best is to motivate each level to work with the first level. Then the system will work is debugged. Also there will be to you a happiness!

7. The regularity and system is more important than single efforts.

Regular simple actions lead to bigger result, than a single splash of energy. It is proved in practice – in study, sports, career. Really all of you still want everything and at once?

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Feb 23rd 2013 at 11:19 AM by GTBulmer
Hello, Vyacheslav: Thanks for explaining the process with Gold Line. GT :-)

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