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7 Secrets To Building A Productive Downline (Secret One)

Sep 7th 2010 at 3:49 PM

Become The Sponsor You Never Had

As Network Marketers, most of us have searched and searched for a simple yet
effective way to "Clone" ourselves; knowing that if we could overcome the
duplication problem we would reach the levels of success we ALL dream about in
this business.
The problem is that 95% of the people in a MLM business usually fail. The
inability to duplicate, I believe, has a lot to do with it.
Let‟s say the 95% failure rate is accurate for a minute...
I‟m not the best at math, but that would mean that 5% of the people in this
business are successful and some probably wildly successful? It‟s also likely that
most of us are recruited into a program by someone in the 95% category.
Now for those of us that want to join the ranks of the 5%, it‟s our job to sift
through as many prospects as we can until we find other 5%‟ers like us; people
who want to work hard and build a long term residual income business.
The problem for me was I had to figure out how to do this while I kept my full
time job. My family needed health insurance and my son was about to start
college… and while I can‟t stand my current job, it does provide us with needed
things such as insurance and helps pay a few bills.
The solution for me was to build a system that sorted and sifted for me while
I was working at my full time job. The great part about it (and honestly shocking
too) is that it worked like crazy and my team started to explode. It literally felt
like I hit the JACKPOT at a casino or something. With one big difference though...
I get paid every month and it keeps growing and growing with each
passing month :-)
(You‟ll learn how to do the same a little later)
For now, let’s talk more about the solution.
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It‟s simple actually...
You need to "Become The Sponsor You Never Had" (as I like to call it) and
become a leader for others to follow.
That‟s it... it really is THAT simple!
Do you think you‟re up for it?
I didn‟t think I was when I first started...
But I did know one thing... If I didn‟t step up to the plate right then and give it a
shot, when would I ever get around to it?
Next week?
Maybe Never...
Would I step up to the plate "after" I became successful (never works that way)
or would I step up right then and start leading?
It was at that point that I made the strengthening decision to take charge of my
life and start branding myself as a leader in this business and it was the best
decision I have ever made!
Now, before you take the same plunge, the one thing you must "Get" first is that
it all starts from within you...
The strengthening decision to become a leader and really go for it is the first step
and one you must take seriously and follow through on.
That really is the true secret to this whole crazy "success" thing.
By stepping up and becoming the sponsor you never had, you will end up in the
5% ranks much sooner, opposed to later or never.
And just to be clear... when I say "Become The Sponsor You Never Had" I‟m
mainly referring to a mindset or philosophy...
The philosophy of wanting more from life and knowing that helping people
and making a difference is what‟s it‟s really all about.
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"You Can Have Everything You Want In Life If You Will Just Help Enough Other People
Get What They Want." – Zig Ziglar
That mental shift is all I needed in order to help my team expand and duplicate.
This same mental shift may be all you need to take your business to the next
level. Only you will know.
Once I stopped thinking about "making money" and started thinking about
how to help others make money is when I started to make money. (Read that
sentence slowly one more time)
My confidence level seemed to skyrocket too after I stopped focusing on how "I"
could make money.
I‟m sorry to be the one to tell you this, but if you‟re in a tight spot right now and
needing money is your main motivation for getting involved in network
marketing... your chances of attaining success will be severely hindered.
Hindered, yes. Impossible, no.
This eBook is going to reveal how you can step up to the plate and transform
yourself into a leader and start succeeding.
It‟s time to stop following the 95%‟ers around and it‟s time for YOU to start
leading them!
Let‟s get to work...

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