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7 Rules For Writing A Professional Article

Oct 4th 2010 at 7:57 AM

Rule nr 1

How To Write a Good Title

The title of the article is the key to successful article marketing. The title has to grab the attention of the reader. It has to be eye-catching and give the reader an idea of what you are offering in the article.

Some good “fill in the blanks” examples for good titles:

1. Nr 1 Way To _____ In Any Business

2. A Comprehensive Guide To _____

3. A Fresh Approach To _____

4. 5 (7, 10, 15 etc) Ways To Get _____

5. A Professional Step By Step Guide To _____

6. 5 (7, 10, 15 etc) Proven Methods Of _____

7. Once In A Lifetime Opportunity To _____

8. An Amazing Report _____

9. 5 (7, 10, 15 etc) Easy Steps On How To____

10. How to ____

11. Discover The Extreme Power Of ____

12. 5 (7, 10, 15 etc) Improved Ways To Do _____

13. The Fundamentals Of _____

14. Better Ways To _____

15. Useful Expert Tips On _____

16. 5 (7, 10, 15 etc) Practical Tips/Secrets/Rules How To ____

17. Expert Advice: ______

18. 5 (7, 10, 15 etc) Innovative Ways To ____

19. Latest Sensational News On _____

20. Unique _____ How To Get _____

21. A Breakthrough in _____

22. 5 (7, 10, 15 etc) Profitable _____

23. Miraculous _____

And so on…. Don’t have an idea how to write a good article? Click here and get an article written in two clicks.

The key on writing a good title is to let people know what does the article contain, but not give away too much information so a person wouldn’t have to read the article. Raise interest, be Creative.

And be sure to use power words. These are words that get the attention of our subconscious mind.

Here is a list of power words you can use in the title of your article/e-book/presentation or whatever:

Free, sale, new, professional, guaranteed, special, tested, improved, immediately, limited, simplistic, powerful, big, popular, exclusive, valuable, how to, endorsed, unlimited, discount, fundamentals, under priced, suddenly, perspective, launching, skill, reduced, better, shrewd, enormous, spotlight, useful, survival, largest, colossal, now, unlock, fortune, authentic, announcing, huge, gift, introducing, practical, focus, wanted, absolutely, lowest, interesting, challenge, lifetime, highest, expert advice, the truth about, compare, colorful, affordable, ultimate, willpower, attractive, easily, approved, competitive, full, mammoth, innovative, it's here, just arrived, sure, fire, soar, beautiful, crammed, growth, promising, astonishing, imagination, greatest, high tech, latest, important, urgent, amazing, exciting, portfolio, revealing, sensational, excellent, remarkable, obsession, surging, revisited, unique, bargain, hurry, daring, pioneering, destiny, unsurpassed, genuine, informative, mainstream, complete, last, chance, exploit, quality, gigantic, love, lavishly, reliable, terrific, breakthrough, emerging, profitable, sampler, noted, luxury, unconditional, timely, bonanza, security, refundable, quickly, revolutionary, personalized, miracle, magic, proven, reward, weird, surprise, delighted, confidential, sizable, wonderful, delivered, secrets, scarce, alert, famous, strong, unusual, outstanding, energy, instructive, liberal, rare, edge, superior, unparalleled, fascinating, compromise, odd, bottom line, zinger, simplified, tremendous, helpful, special offer, technology, selected, sturdy, wealth, successful, opportunities, monumental, startling, quick, last minute, easy, direct, simple, strange, value, insider, download, Information, City.

Rule nr 2

Simplify Your Text

Readers are ordinary people. They don’t want/can’t or won’t read your article if it’s stuffed with really hard and technical terms. People want it simple. Just be who you are and people will relate to you and understand what you are trying to say.

Example of a techie talk that only you and a small % of your readers understand:

“…the ROI on my affiliate program was overwhelming…”

And now an example that everyone understands:

“…the program I was promoting returned me 500$ and I only invested a 100$ to promote it…”

So keep it simple and understandable. Don’t overuse terms and abbreviations. When in some cases it makes you look like an expert, in most cases it makes you lose readers and so lose money you want to make by promoting your article.

This is a preview of a Ebook “7 Rules For Writing A Professional Article”.

You can download that Ebook under the Download section in the webpage below. You can also rebrand this Ebook and sell it, or give it away for free to your customers.

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