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7 Lifestyle Diseases That You Might Be At Risk Of

Dec 4th 2019 at 2:51 AM



Change in lifestyle is one of the reasons for falling sick and developing many disorders these days. Sedentary lifestyle and processed food can make your body prone to various diseases. Eating healthy and taking care of your fitness can keep one off of these ailments.

List of 7 lifestyle diseases that you might be at risk of:-

1. Type 2 diabetes

When the insulin produced by the body cannot be utilised by it or required quantity of insulin is not produced, the condition is called diabetes mellitus. Lousy lifestyle habits can be responsible for a positive result in type 2 diabetes testing. Obesity is a common cause of diabetes in adults. Eating unhealthy food, skipping meals and lack of exercise can result in this common disease.


2. Obesity

This is one of the diseases that creep in daylight, and not many people bother about it. Generally, this can be called as the cause of multiple avoidable conditions. Stress, unhealthy eating habits and sedentary lifestyle are the reasons that can cause obesity. Sleeping pattern that is not right can also be the cause of obesity. As per recent guidelines, once the BMI is more than 23 in Asian Indians, it can be called the individual to be overweight; BMI over 30 is obesity. And it is a good idea to go for a full body checkup for anyone who falls in this category.


3. Heart diseases

Diabetes and obesity can often lead to heart ailments, and for people who smoke, heart diseases are not much far off. The food choices that lead to the deposit of high cholesterol in the blood vessels lead to blockages and stress the heart to put in more efforts. Gradually this can lead to a heart attack.


4. High blood pressure

Another disease that is not getting due importance, even after knowing that simple changes in lifestyle can help in reducing the problem is high blood pressure. This ailment is intimately connected to one’s heart health. Obesity and stress can cause high blood pressure. And eventually, unhealthy food practices and lack of exercises can lead to this disease.


5. Cancer

The abnormal growth of cells in various organs of the body is the cause of cancer. In many cancer patients, viruses like Hepatitis B and C, HIV, HPV etc can lead to abnormal transformation and growth of cells. The rapid growth of tumors leads to cancer in the body. Smoking, alcohol consumption and exposure to radiation can also lead to this disease.


6. Cirrhosis

End stage liver disease is called cirrhosis of the liver. Heavy alcohol consumption is one of the main reasons behind cirrhosis. Chronic hepatitis is caused by excessive alcohol consumption, gradually lead to liver cirrhosis and failure. Mental conditions like stress, anxiety, depression etc can lead a person to alcohol abuse, and eventually result in a series of diseases.


7. Stroke

When blood vessels do not carry enough blood to all parts of the brain, a stroke can result. The main reasons behind this are atherosclerosis and high blood pressure. Hereditary factors too can cause a stroke. General health checkups and blood test at home are the best way to find if these lifestyle-related diseases are on the onset. Curbing at initial stages may ensure a healthy life.



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