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Oct 16th 2010 at 5:49 AM

Why You Need A "Viral" Recruiting System

(I‟m going to reveal something BIG in this secret so please read every word

Let me start off by explaining the biggest benefit of providing your downline
members with a viral recruiting system...
It boils down to this: When you have a viral marketing system in place for your
team members, your downline has the potential to take on a life of its own and
continue to grow effortlessly while you‟re focusing on more important things such as family and friends.

Side Note: The term "Viral Marketing" is just another way of saying "word of
mouth" advertising. The word "Viral" actually refers more to the speed at which
your message can spread thanks to technologies such as the Internet.
I mentioned earlier how I managed to accomplish the overwhelming task of viral
duplication while working my full time job. Well, it didn‟t happen overnight.
As soon as I started online (2005), I searched for a product or company that
actually provided this solution. That‟s really all I needed since I worked full time. I
didn‟t have time to do the traditional recruiting methods because they required a
lot of time and commitment to end up with only decent results at best. Plus, I
didn‟t know about the four secrets you just read about ;-)
What I wanted instead, was a huge downline that duplicated on auto-pilot from
my part-time efforts.

"But did such a solution exist?"
If it did, I couldn‟t find it...
So after many years of struggling to build a solid residual income through
network marketing using the old fashioned methods of business building (and
failing miserably….) I decided to take the bull by the horns and I created a
system that absolutely exploded my downline in a short amount of time. This all
happened in June of 2009.

I ended up increasing my downline from 16 members to over 4,293 + in just
under 6 months, my downline continues to duplicate and my checks are
increasing monthly.

The incredible thing about is that I am only responsible for bringing in around 947
of those members. My downline is responsible for bringing in the other 3,346+
members to our team, which is just amazing!

The good news is I have a solution that allows you to do the same thing which I‟ll
share with you shortly.

After you study the web copy closely, see if you can spot why this system works
so well...
Or keep reading and I‟ll tell you :-)
When someone completes "Step 3" they get an exact clone of that webpage and
all the places that contain my default ID, such as Step 1 and Step 2 now become
their ID.
While this is certainly not a new concept; the simple twist I put into my system is
what makes it work so well.
If you read the page above you may be thinking: What is Step 3?
Ok, here’s the big secret I promised to reveal:
It is because of that one simple unanswered question...
==> "What is Step 3?"
People just have to know what Step 3 is and they are willing to complete the first
two risk free steps to find out. I urge you to read the above paragraphs again
very... very... slowly, because that one unanswered question is 99.9%
responsible for recruiting over 4,293+ people into my downline.

The duplication factor in this 3 step strategy is extremely POWERFUL and
works every time!
This concept actually started out as a simple web page that I wrote for myself in
attempt to bring people into my team. After the shocking results and success I
had with it, I thought...
...If my web page worked this well to bring in leads and new members for me, I
just needed a way to allow my new members to use the same page with their IDs
embedded in it. After all, duplication is the name of the game!
That‟s when I modified my squeeze page to become a system that brought my 3
step strategy to life.
I then began to train my team members through the online training site that
comes with their new system to use the same ads that I used online to duplicate
the process over and over again. Needless to say, the system has duplicated
itself down the line many levels deep.
As for Step 3 of -- my team members simply fill out a form
(takes about 1 minute) and the script inserts their name, GDI ID, PeopleString ID
and whatever primary business they are promoting on their page and the system
generates a unique URL instantly that they can promote on any traffic generation
program. This allows my team to build their GDI downline, their PeopleString
downline and their primary business at the same time without having to advertise
them separately. Step 3 also has some extra benefits, I‟ll let you discover those
for yourself….
I also have the unique ability to reward members on my team that are
working hard.
This worked extremely well...
(This also answers the question: "How do I get people in my downline to actively

I sent out a message to members of my downline and I mentioned they could get
their ID rotated at the main URL. In other words, when my site is accessed their
page will show up instead of mine, then the next time someone else‟s would
display and so on. In order for my team members to get their ID rotated, all I
ask is that they bring in 10 new members into our GDI team.
Guess what? It worked better than I thought...
My team loved the idea of getting free advertising from their ID being in rotation
and got busy promoting GDI to bring in their 10 new members.
Now my team is working extra hard to build their business while getting free
exposure from the rotation which helps them grow even more. It‟s a total win-win
Tip: All it takes sometimes are little things like this to get your team excited and
to take action.
Ok, so now that you know how it works...
It‟s time for the BIG question:
Are you ready to step up and create a viral recruiting system for your
Before you answer that question, think about this first...
What if your system could be applied to any program you want, whenever you
want, and you had complete control over the programs you add as part of your
What if I told you WILL get your chance very soon?
Would that get you excited a little?
Hang on a minute...

Before I tell you how, let me explain what could happen for you if you created
your own viral recruiting system to help your downline members build their
a. You will almost INSTANTLY be established as an expert and gain huge
amounts of credibility.
b. You will build a huge opt-in list and trusting relationships with your team
members faster.
c. Successful people in the industry will seek you out and want to do cooperative
projects with you (AKA Joint Ventures) that benefit everyone.
d. Your team members will be more open to purchase recommended resources
from you (i.e. products related to training and downline building, lead
sources, training e-books, etc.)
e. And of course, a steady stream of residual income coming in month after
Bottom line is you will get to keep your day job (if you‟re still at that point) while
your empire potentially duplicates on auto pilot. Then once you are earning
enough residual income, you can quit. That‟s what we all dream about in this
business but only a select few actually achieve it. Only you can make it happen
and I‟m willing to help you get there.
It kills me to see so many people fail or never really get started in this business
because they often don‟t have the time needed to build and grow properly so
they give up before really giving their business a chance. A viral recruiting
"system" gives you that chance.
I‟ve also talked to many people who‟ve told me they need money so bad they
can‟t even afford the monthly cost for the opportunity itself. If that‟s the case
they really have no business starting a business right now. Sorry to be so blunt,
but no business is free... they all cost something to get started.

Side Note: I‟m getting off track here a bit, but there are a few things I did to
combat the money issues I was having that I‟d like to share with you...
For starters, I:
* Cut way down on my living expenses.
* Stopped eating lunch outside the office (I “brown-bagged” it).
* Scheduled my errands to save gas instead of driving willy-nilly all over town!
Basically, I started living below my means which is a very smart thing for all of us
to do anyway if possible.

Taking this action reduced my stress level regarding money and bills and allowed
me to focus on building my business.
Was it worth it? Oh yes, it was worth it ;-)
I didn‟t mean to stray too far from the topic here but I wanted to mention this
issue. I hope you don‟t mind :-)
In secret six, I‟ll reveal exactly how someone "hooked a big fish" thanks to a
viral marketing system and how you may be able to do the same...

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