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5 Ways to Skillfully Market Your Products Using Articles

Dec 31st 2011 at 5:28 PM

Clearly Define Your Ultimate Goal

In order to skillfully market your products using articles, you have to have a clear picture of what you want to accomplish. Generally speaking you’ll only highlight one product per article. It keeps things simple and less confusing for your target market. It also keeps matters simple for you too.

So start by asking yourself, ‘What is my objective or ultimate goal?’ Then write your article based on the answer. After that, carefully examine the article, and ask yourself, ‘Does this article hit the target?’ At this point you can readjust and fine-tune the article if needed.

Use Social Sites and Article Directories

It only makes sense that you would give your articles wide circulation, because vast numbers of people viewing your articles means that your products will get a tremendous amount of exposure. But how can you do it? For wide distribution you’ll want to POST TO...

  • Your blog
  • Article directories
  • Social sites like IM Faceplate, Facebook & Twitter

All these sources will give your articles wide circulation, thus exposing your products to vast numbers of potential customers.

Inform Those on Your List

When you post a new article don’t overlook those on your email list. They’ll certainly be interested in what you have to say. That very fact underscores the importance of having an opt-in box on your website or blog. You definitely want people to join your list, and when they do, you can readily communicate anything new, including newly written and posted articles. Since those on your list already trust you, they’ll likely take seriously any product recommendation from you. This, of course, adds up to more sales.

Create a Series of Connecting Articles

Movie fans over the years have been treated to many sequels to popular movies. Television shows have used the “to be continued” hook to draw you into the next episode. You can also, at times, use this method when creating articles. Put together a series of articles that connect similar ideas in your market. For example, create a “part 1” article followed by a “part 2” article. Naturally, you might choose to continue the series by adding several more “parts.” Whatever the case, you’ll build anticipation for the next article.

Make Your Articles Search Engine Friendly

Do this by matching popular keywords and keyword phrases to your article content. Place keywords in your articles in a reasonable way, and the search engines will love your articles. Your articles will rank well in the search engines, thus getting wide exposure. Give wide exposure to your articles and more people will see your products.

You can also make your articles search engine friendly by posting comments in forums and on blogs. But be sure to do so in a tasteful fashion. Spamming such platforms will quickly get you blackballed, which means no exposure for your articles and products.

Another thing you can do is to “ping” your articles through the search engines. If your blog platform doesn’t already do this for you, use a pinging service. “Ping” your articles each time you create a new post. “Ping” your articles on a regular basis and you’ll get the attention of the search engines.

Main Points Revisited

  1. Have in mind a clearly defined goal
  2. Circulate your articles to vast numbers of people
  3. Inform your email list
  4. Create articles that connect ideas
  5. Make sure the search engines like your articles

Keep those five points in mind when creating your articles and you’ll enjoy a steady stream of prospects. Those prospects in turn will view your product endorsements. If your articles are well written, you’ll obtain a large following of eager readers who will look forward to each post.

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