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5 Top Reasons for Affiliate Marketing Failure

Jul 4th 2013 at 1:28 PM


Are you winning in your affiliate marketing efforts? Well, if not, you most certainly should not feel yourself as a loner. Millions of marketers from every corner of this planet are experiencing this challenge, the mystery of, "how to succeed in the highly profitable field of affiliate marketing" is wide spread and rampant. If you are feeling as if you're an affiliate failure, here's a break down of some of the most common reasons for the high fail rate of online affiliate marketers.

1st: The most common reason has to be the absolute failure to research the real needs and desires of the target market that you are attempting to market to. "Due Diligence" is a vital starting point for any successful affiliate marketer. Think about it this way, of what use is there in trying to sell that hot new affiliate system to the exact people that are also marketing that exact same hot new affiliate system? As any rational person will probably figure out, this type of marketing simply will not produce positive fruitage what-so-ever. After all, who would buy from you, something that they themselves are currently marketing.

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2nd: How passionate are you yourself in the affiliate system/product that you're pushing out to your hopefully, high value list. Are you totally convinced that this hot new affiliate product will be of real benefit to them? Of course, this answer should by all means be YES. Because why in the world would you risk your online reputation on something that will be of little or absolutely no realistic benefit to them. (that's marketing suicide).  You should know with-out a shadow of a doubt that the hot new affiliate system or product will be of high beneficial use to your high value list. (right)... Your main focus should always be to be provide your customers with the highest quality consumer benefit that you're capable of. This is the holy grail of online affiliate success that anyone can obtain.

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3rd: Have you actually tried and tested the product or system for yourself? This is highly necessary for any serious and sincere affiliate marketer. after all, if you've never taken advantage of the product, how in the world can you honestly promote it to your highly valuable list. Of all of the affiliate failing mistakes most people make, this is one of the biggest ones. Honest marketing makes for successful marketers, that's a plain and simple online marketing truth. If you try it and have success with it, only then should you promote it to your list.

4th: Follow the leaders and not the crowd. Meaning in your process of completing your "Due Diligence" duties, marketers should take time to thoroughly investigate the techniques and strategies that the really successful affiliate marketers are doing. As the saying goes, "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery". So, in other words, follow the leaders. The vast crowd are the failing marketers. (remember that).  Be careful in this also, success is not always easy to spot, because just cause you notice someone simply speaking of making thousands of dollars every single day online, this does not make them the success stories that you want to imitate. Due Diligence is your real duty, you must find out who is really living the truth and who is simply selling you a dream.

5th: Stop!  You're probably asking yourself, "Stop what". Stop being unrealistic... Are you one of those people with the highly unrealistic idea that you're going to do a few affiliate marketing campaigns or promotions and the money is going to magically start to pour into your pockets. Stop! This is not going to happen for the vast number of affiliate marketers.  Yes it does happen for some, but these are super high rollers with a tremendous amount of funds and a huge list of people at their disposal. This frame of thinking is a true death sentence for most people. Be patient and steady in your online marketing efforts and you'll have a real chance to succeed in your affiliate efforts.

Simply by adhering to these 5 simple tried and true affiliate marketing guidelines, your affiliate marketing success rate will immediately start to actually show signs of life. Remember this, affiliate failure almost always stems from the lack of being sincerely concerned and focused on providing real high value affiliate products to ones highly value list of customers. In this highly competitive field of affiliate marketing, one should in every possible way strive to provide the absolute best in both high quality and high benefit affiliate service possible.

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