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5 Tips To Tweak Your Twitter Bio For More Followers

Oct 8th 2011 at 11:55 AM

Twitter Bird

I decided to do some housekeeping in my Twitter account yesterday.

I was following a couple-thousand people thanks to some software I tried back when I didn’t know any better.

I was receiving far more tweets than I could read, and many of them were — well, garbage — so I went to my “Following” list and started un-following.

My initial plan was to just un-follow everyone, then start from scratch by following just a few friends and industry people I admire.

Little did I know I would end up following more than just those few, due to a little snippet of text called the Twitter bio.


Why You Need a Bio


Before I go any further, I want to make sure we all know what a Twitter bio is. When you first sign up for a Twitter account you are prompted to create a short, descriptive biography that is visible for all to see. You can view and edit your bio by clicking “Profile” at the top of the page when logged in at Twitter.

If you’re not sure you need a bio on Twitter, you’ll be shocked by Dan Zarella’s findings. He studied the intrinsic results of the program Tweet Grader, and found that tweeters who have a bio are eight times more likely to be followed than those who don’t have a bio.


The Difference A Good Bio Makes


There is no feature on Twitter that allows you to un-follow a mass of tweeters all at once, so I was going down the list of people I was following, rhythmically (and rather mindlessly) un-following each one.

I didn’t even realize that I was subconsciously skimming the bios until I saw this:

“Cooking and family are the greatest gifts. Love and Best Dishes, ya’ll!”

If you watch Food Network, you probably know that the tweeter behind this bio is Paula Deen, millionaire chef and entrepreneur. I’m not a rabid fan and I’m not much of a cook, so I might have deleted her had it not been for this.

Just that short bit of personality she put into her bio made me want to hear more from her. Who knows, I may even get ambitious and buy one of her famous cookbooks in the future!

I skipped Paula and went on un-following, a little more slowly and much more attentive to the bios now. I started to realize that most of the bios were pretty much the same, but I skipped and continued following the tweeters in my list whose bio's I found interesting.


The Realization That My Bio Was Boring


The majority of tweeters merely list interests, career choices, how many kids they have. And I must admit that I was in that majority. Now I was thinking why would anyone follow me based on this dribble? Even I would un-follow me!

My Twitter bio was just too much of the same stuff found throughout Twitter. Nothing about it stood out, so I changed it. I thought of something playful (which suits me most days) and I wrote it. I even made it rhyme for kicks.

Click to check out my brand new Twitter bio.


Is It Time To Change Yours?


According to eDiscovery and Information Management, there were 170 million tweets sent per day in March 2011, and that number has steadily continued to grow. We have a lot of competition for attention on Twitter, and we should avoid being un-followed at all costs if we want our tweets seen, read, and clicked.

The five tips below can help you reshape your bio. Then you should follow it up with clever tweets that are rich in useful and helpful information. This will help you keep your followers and get new ones, too.


1. Use Keywords


If you are using Twitter for any type of business networking and hoping to build a following in a specific niche, be sure to use keywords in your bio. When people search Twitter for those keywords, they’ll be more likely to find you.

Don’t stop here and forgo style for keywords though… try to incorporate all 5 tips for the best results.


2. Don’t Forget Your Link


Be sure to include a link where your profile allows it. No need to take up space in your bio… there is a separate place in your profile to enter your website link. Tweeters with a link get 7.5 times more followers than those without – another nice statistic courtesy of Dan Zarella.


3. Think “Personality”


You only get 160 characters to say who you are in your Twitter bio, so make them count. Think “personality.” What is unique about you? Look at what your current bio says and figure out how to say it better (while including the keywords relevant to your niche).

Write down a couple of ideas just to get the old noggin in gear. If there’s space in your bio, simply add a couple of fun adjectives and see what that gets you. Let your personality shine through your words.

Let’s say you’re a florist:

“Your friendly online florist who gets the flowers you need delivered when you need them… plus follow me for hiking news and tips. Get your hike on!”

This is descriptive, inviting, and includes keywords that will attract people interested in florists, flowers, and hiking.

At a loss for words? Here’s a helpful resource that I keep bookmarked:


4. Think “Literature”


The little literary tricks you learned in high school can come in handy when you need to draw attention to a short piece of content like your Twitter bio. Rhyme, alliteration, and metaphor will grab a reader’s attention.

Of course, using all three of these in one Twitter bio would probably be overkill, but explore using one or two in the drafts you have so far. Here are some original (yet goofy) examples:

Rhyme: “I’m a whiz in the kitchen and mommy of two who makes money online… how about you?”

Alliteration: “Daring, delightful hairstylist who always does the ‘do right, darling!”

Metaphor: “It’s official.. I’m the little blue bird tweeting its way into your heart with internet-marketing news and sweet work-at-home ideas.”

There are several other literary techniques you can use… dust off that old English book (or visit this handy glossary) for more.


5. The Twitter Bio Generator


Lastly, if you find yourself creatively challenged, you can always try out Josh Schultz’s Twitter Bio Generator. There’s no registration and nothing to install; you simply visit the website and click the button until you find something that suits you or sparks a great new idea.


Make it Count


According to the statistics you definitely need a Twitter bio, and you definitely need to include a link in your profile.

Keywords are important, and using personality in your bio can make the difference between being followed or un-followed.

You may or may not want to use figures of speech like I did in the examples above… it all depends on your personal style. Maybe you’re much more low-key than I am, and that’s perfectly fine. Just be sure to give your bio some personality through descriptive, well-placed wording.

Make those 160 words count… help tweeters know you and want to hear you.

Lora Lee




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Oct 8th 2011 at 1:19 PM by GTBulmer
Hi, Lora: Great Twitter bio advice for all IM faceplate members - thanks for posting! I'm following you on Twitter now as a result. GT :-)

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