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Jesse Clayton | VTMadePro

5 Tips To Stay Ahead While On The Move

Sep 20th 2010 at 7:04 PM

One of the most obvious benefits of an online business is that you can run it from anywhere. After the initial setup, once it is running, it basically becomes self-propelled, with little tweaks and changes here and there for better performance.

Of course, monitoring can and should be done often to ensure efficiency and to respond to changes in markets, trends, etc. Most of the time this can be done from just about anywhere: while on vacation, right before a luncheon meeting, at the in-laws. Anywhere, as long as there is an internet connection.

Now, of course, it's a bit different when you are still in the process of establishing yourself and your online presence. However, it should be the same basic premise, right? As long as there is an internet connection, no problem.

I thought so. Funny how experience can give you an eye-opener.

I recently relocated from the South back to the Northeast. Since I am in the process of building my list, getting a new site up, etc, I thought that the timing wasn't great, but that I would be able to pick up where I left off easily.

Reality check.

Logistics and time demands typically go contrary to expectations. So, it has been some time since I have posted to my blog, made any updates, etc.

Lesson learned: Plan for the unexpected.

So, for anyone who noticed my absence - I apologize. And for those planning on making any life changes, or planning on being away for a bit, or maybe just plan on living life, a couple tips.

1. Plan ahead
Have backup ready. Try and get a couple blog articles ready for the future. It's always a good idea to have some material ready, just in case you end up behind schedule or are having trouble putting something together for your next post. Writer's block can happen to anyone and life...well, life DOES happen to everyone. Being prepared means never having to say you're sorry.

2. Be organized

Knowing what you need to do and putting aside time to do it means that you will usually run into less problems. At the same time, it's important to be flexible. Unexpected things do happen, and planning gives you a starting point and flexibility gives you the option to change direction or alter plans when needed. Don't let Murphy's Law get the best of you by being prepared, Just make sure not to plan on bad things happening, or you just might find yourself being prophetic.

3. Delays Happen
Plan for time to deal with delays, unexpected circumstances, and life in general. Chances are, you will almost certainly be way-layed somewhere along the way. Schedule extra time to deal with extenuating or unforeseen circumstances. This way, you will still have time to the things you need to do to keep your business running smoothly. If nothing unexpected happens, than you have earned either more time to work on your business plans or some free time to do other things.

4. Don't be afraid to enlist help
If you are working with a partner or have employees, have them pick up some of the slack for you. When done right, this can not only take some of the pressure off of you, but can give others an opportunity to shine, show their support, and take ownership. You may find someone is more capable than you realize or is more interested in being a part of your business than you counted on.

5. Don't take yourself too seriously
So you have gotten behind. Time to get stressed out because your business is going to fall apart, right?

If you are worried, send an email to your list or write a blog post that gives your readers a little bit of an insight as to where you have been. You don't need to let them know everything - you don't even really have to apologize - just let them know you haven't forgotten them. Giving them some insight of what is going on let's them know that you are a real person, and might even go to boost your rapport with them. If you feel the need, you can even send them a free offer, thanking them for being loyal members of your list or community.

Becoming stagnant is never a good thing, especially with the internet. However, there are very few things that you can't recover from. It may mean you have to work a little harder, but if your focus is and has been on quality than it is nothing that should harm your business permanently.

Planning ahead is crucial for any business. This is especially true for online businesses where things are constantly needing to be changed or updated. In addition, having a clear path is even more important if you. as the owner. are going through major life changes.

As always, leave your comments, and make sure to add your tips to help others prepare for these big changes.

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Oct 23rd 2010 at 10:09 PM by drkelp
Hi Jesse, thanks for this well written article. I will take on the idea about writing articles ahead of time in case of the unexpected, Grant.

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