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5 Reasons Why Invisalign Braces Are Preferred Over Conventional Metal Braces

Dec 3rd 2015 at 7:45 AM

Misaligned teeth look unpleasant and ruin the personality of anyone. Not only do they look awkward but they also make it quite stressful to brush the teeth properly. Such teeth are usually not cleaned properly and result in many oral and dental illnesses and disease. People with misaligned teeth often get periodontal disease and face risks to bone and gums. Tooth loss is also a problem in people with teeth not aligned properly.

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Wearing braces is a good way to straighten up the teeth but traditional braces look unpleasant and many times people are reluctant to wear them as they create an awkward look. Invisalign Frisco TX is an innovative way that helps people to ditch the conventional braces and wear new and more advanced alternative that is invisible to the eye. These are clear braces and are been widely purchased in place of metal braces that used to look really untidy.

Below are some reasons why people prefer invisalign braces over conventional metal braces.


Conventional metal braces often make one looks quite unattractive. They are visible and food gets stuck between them causing it look really awkward. Invisalign braces are transparent and are rarely noticed by others. It seems like the person is wearing no braces. Invisalign braces do not have linings and strips that is why chances of food particles getting stuck are highly reduced.

Convenience and comfort

When a professional Invisalign dentist Plano recommends wearing braces one does not need to worry as these braces can be removed easily and can be worn again when needed. The wearer can remove invisalign braces for short periods of time and can wear them again as per choice.

Enhanced safety

Metal braces are made up of wires that can sometime injure the mouth from inside. Invisalign braces are smooth and do not consist of any wires or sharp edged material. They are comfortable and offer much safety to the wearer.

Shorter treatment duration

These braces are recommended for short periods of time usually a year and a half. This period is enough to straighten up the misaligned teeth.

One knows what to expect

Patients who are advised to wear invisalign braces know what to expect from the treatment as they undergo a computerized examination and are informed about the treatment duration and other details.

Wrapping up:

Invisalign braces have many advantages for the people with teeth not aligned properly. They are a bit overpriced but offer greater safety, comfort, and convenience.

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