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5 Important Components Of A Social Media Profile

Dec 24th 2014 at 12:59 AM

We often use social media like Facebook, Twitter etc in our day to day life, these technologies are not just a great way to stay connected but also keeps us well informed. As we all know that your profile page is the most important component while you are on social media.

However, sometimes we tend to overlook the importance of our profile page for websites like Facebook. So what does a good or a bad profile page mean to you? Well, I think it does mean a lot if you really use Facebook, twitter on daily basis. Therefore let’s try to find out what are the advantages of a good profile page on all social media websites.

Who You Are

First Impression is the last impression. Yes! Your profile page really helps strangers to know you better. In fact I would say you can tell the people who you are, what you do etc in a manner that you would like them to know.

That’s why setting up a great profile page can create a good perception about you as a person. Moreover you are free to control or manage any information about yourself. You can share to the audiences as you would like to do.

Establishing Authority

If you are on social media for some real business then you could establish an authority through your excellent social profile. Here authority would mean a person who is a genuine expert or master in his or her field.

Generally a profile page reveals a lot about a person. Hence always create a profile to portray yourself as a punter or a guru.  Even if you are not on social media for business reasons a good profile page can create an authority among your friends and colleagues.

A Consistent Signature

First let me explain what you mean by signature in regard to a profile page. Well! It would simply mean creating your own style on the Internet. Your signature could be a single line mentioning yourself or a photo/logo with your name/watermark or a small bio.

All these can be your signature but note one thing, it must be consistent across all social media websites (YouTube, Facebook etc). So create your profile page keeping your unique style in mind.

Building Network

Social media is a place where like minded people come together. Hence your profile could be a bonding factor between individuals who think similarly. So set up your profile page according to the people with whom you would like to build a social network.

For example you can build network with businessman, writers, health specialists, consultants etc. Social media is one of the best tools to build networks in a small interval of time. Moreover, people in the network can relate to you much more closely.

Free Public Relations

Public relations or PR is a method to get in contact with a lot of people around the globe very quickly. Media is the most important platform for any kind of PR exercise. However this is very costly and to run a PR campaign could cost a lot of money.

But a good profile page on social media websites can help to make you popular on the internet. All this can be absolutely free if you take care of the above mentioned points that I made. As a matter of fact today every celebrity has a profile page on Facebook or YouTube.



In conclusion I would suggest to you not to ignore the importance of a profile page. It can make or break your career. Hence, set up a profile page that lets you tell about yourself, tailor it to get an authority, create your own style or signature, build network or community and enjoy the PR benefits for free.

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