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5 Easy ways to check a diaper

Sep 6th 2015 at 12:25 AM

If you  had a baby and start to smell something, you will have to check a diaper. Here are 5 ways to check a baby cloth diaper.

1.Notice if your baby is crying.

Sometimes it may be time to change their diaper, once they begin crying. You may know that you have to change a nappy, if the baby cries. Maybe if you’re babysitting or something like that, the baby will burst into tears. Remember to focus on other reasons before ripping the nappy open.

2. Smell the baby’s bottom.

Turn the baby around and take a good whiff, if you are brave enough! Just hold up the baby, smell and let your senses do the rest. If you are close to passing out then yeah, the baby needs changing.

3.Try feeling it with two fingers just a little farther down than the top tagline of the diaper in the front of the baby.

REMEMBER, this is only for the brave hearted, or if you feel comfortable enough doing this. however the nappy is soft and plump so this step might not get you far.

4. Hold your hand over the front section of your babies diaper and slightly jiggle the diaper to see if it moves.

A diaper insert that moves like jelly is mostly wet and will need to be changed soon (or immediately).

5. Open it up with the diaper snaps and take a quick peek. and take a look for yourself. But do this in hygienic places. Not in the middle of the street.


When smelling the bum, if you are in a busy place, try holding the baby up and pretend the throw them up, then take a good whiff.

When feeling, do it in the bathroom. (If possible)

If the baby needs changing, change as soon as possible.

If you know the baby well enough then you would be able to tell.

If you have a baby in a pram, or push chair you can disguise the fact of the whole feeling thing by just reaching in a feeling, or say ‘let’s do your seatbelt’ then feel.

If you are their mother, then you know, the instinct.

If you want to know the baby cloth diapers, please go to

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