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4th 7 Secrets To Building A Productive Downline

Oct 8th 2010 at 5:23 PM


Avoiding Time And Energy Leeches
I would like to share with you my personal experience related to this secret...
When I first started online in network marketing, I learned quickly that helping
people was going to be the way that I earned money from the Internet. It‟s been
a wonderful journey and I keep learning more and more ways to help others
everyday and I love it.

However, I didn‟t always feel this way...
You see, one of my favorite quotes is from Zig Ziglar:
"You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough
other people get what they want."
Ok, that sounds all fine and dandy unless you do what I did...
I took Mr. Ziglar‟s quote literally!

I thought it meant that I HAD to help everyone who asked for it. And that‟s
exactly what I did and almost went crazy. I won‟t go into details here but I
worked my butt off helping the wrong people.
Sound familiar?

The truth is a lot of people didn‟t want my help. They don‟t want your help or help
from anyone for that matter. They‟ll ask for it and think they want it, but they
really don‟t.

What they want is for someone to do the work for them because they are lazy.
It‟s true.

What‟s mind blowing to me is that as information becomes more and more
available to us (compared to a hundred years ago) the lazier and lazier we

Side note: I have a member of my team that calls me like clockwork every
Friday and tells me how tired he is, and how he just cannot find the time to work
his business but that he needs to make money so badly so he doesn‟t get evicted.
He basically complains a lot. I‟ve given him everything he needs… expect for
taking a snow shovel and scooping it under him to help him get off his back
pockets so he will work his business.

Some people just cannot be helped because
1) they really don‟t want it or

2) they are lazy or

3) they won‟t freakin‟ listen
It‟s that simple.

How hard is it really to find the answers we need? Not that hard if you really want
to find them.
I know most of us are guilty of this laziness at some time or another.
This little experiment will prove it:
Ask anyone this question... "How would an extra $1,000 per month help improve
your lifestyle?"
Typical answers might include: "I could buy a new car, make the house payment,
or buy an RV, etc..."

Tell them that everything they want is absolutely possible and within their reach
and you have the solution that will help them get what they want...
Then ask them if they will view your website or flash presentation about your
business within the next 24 hours. If they agree, give them the link and contact
them 24 hours later and ask them what they thought about it.
A typical reply: "Oh, yeah, I didn‟t get a chance to look at it yet, but I will."
- No they won’t.

Chances are high that if you asked 10 people to do the same thing, many would
have some lame excuse as to why they didn‟t have the time either. I mean, it
was "trash night" yesterday - and you can‟t just let your garbage pile up right?
So the best thing to do is let new prospects seek you out...

Also be available to your team and wait to see who contacts you. The ones that
do are the ones that deserve special attention because they have taken action
and proved to you they are serious about changing their life for the better. Help
them, as they are your potential leaders that you‟ll want to mastermind with and
have on your team for the long haul.

Avoiding time and energy leeches applies both to prospects and those people who
are currently on your team.
With experience, you will be able to determine who is serious about changing
their life and willing to work hard, from those that will just waste your time. Read
that last sentence again.

You attitude really has to be...
"Why should I show you how to earn an extra $1,000 per month?"
Instead of..."Please oh please, look at my new business opportunity, this is the one, I can feel it, were all goona be rich!"

The same rule applies to people who join your team.
Today, so many people seem to jump from program to program and never really
give themselves or the company a chance. They think the "Program" or
"Company" is responsible for their success or failure.

Can you say B.S.?
It takes focus, hard work, and clear vision of what you want to succeed at
anything in life. Therefore avoiding people that bring you down is a must in order
to survive and thrive.
Network Marketing is supposed to be fun. And it CAN be when it‟s done properly.
Avoiding time and energy leeches gives you both the needed energy and time to
start enjoying this business again...

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Oct 8th 2010 at 5:37 PM by rizdonio
Secrets to Building Productive Downline is now no secret anymore. DeL

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