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4 Ways You Can Make Money Blogging Online

Feb 2nd 2011 at 11:00 AM

Blogging has become the in thing to do on the internet these days. A blog is very similar to a personal diary, in that you record your own opinions, insights, and thoughts on a given subject. There are many reasons why blogs are so popular, and one of those reasons is because blogs are subjective and not objective. It is common to find personal blogs, but it is also very popular to have blogs that deal with how to make money blogging online.

Everyone can make money blogging, whether it is fulltime or parttime.  A great many people these days are very much into blogging, but it can be very frustrating and exhausting in the beginning if you do not comprehend how to start.

Below are some of the ways you can make money blogging online.

*Google Adsense is a very popular way to make money from blogging. You first need to apply to Google to be an Adsense publisher. Be sure to read their guidelines because they can terminate your account at any time for not following their guidelines. After you are accepted as a publisher you set up your website to accept google ads. Google will place relevent ads on your website and every time someone clicks on an ad you will make money. You can make money with Adsense, but beware of anybody that tells you that you can make thousands of dollars with Google Adsense.

*Marketing affiliate products and services is probably the easiest way to generate a large amount of money online. With this method of make money blogging online, you sign up as an affiliate for the product or service that you want to promote and adverise it on your website or through your email list.

*CPA or Cost Per Action Marketing seems to be one of the hottest things on the Internet these days. This is a method in which you sign up as an affiliate with CPA companies. They in turn set you up with companies to promote. You place a banner or link in your website and when someone clicks on the link and completes a certain action, you earn money. Sometimes this action will include a name, address or other information. The more information that is required the more money you will make per action.

*Article marketing is another way to make money blogging online. You can write reviews about affiliate products or services that you are familiar with or have used yourself. You can list the pros and cons for the product or service and state why you feel this way. be sure to state whether or not you recommend this product or service. If it is something that you would recommend, be sure to put your link in the article or in the resource box.

Here are four very good ways to make money blogging online. You can use all four or pick one that you think would suit you best and run with it.

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Mar 12th 2011 at 6:05 PM by schmity58
Hi Lyle awesome article never tried blogging yet your article I will take it as good advice.
Feb 6th 2011 at 6:46 PM by DavidHurley
Hi Lyle, Nice article about the money-making potential of blogging. Another way to earn some cash, connected with affiliate marketing, is to review business books and link through to Amazon, or feature an Amazon listing relevant to the topic of your blog. Again, you won't make thousands, but every little helps!
Feb 4th 2011 at 5:43 PM by biloxi0625
Hi Lyle- You've listed four very effective methods to make money blogging online. Good advise about Google Adsense.While it is possible to make a little extra income. Making thousands is not very likely unless your blog has a tremendous amount of traffic.

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