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7 months ago

4 Simple Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Private Label Rights Products

Mar 1st 2014 at 6:44 PM

When promoting Private Label Rights products you certainly don’t have to settle for
doing what everyone else does. In this day and age of selling digital products, you
get points for originality not for following the crowd.

If you own Master Resell Rights you will be limited in what you can do with your
product. Most likely you won’t have the right to alter the content and will have to sell
it with both the content and links within the product entirely in tact, the way around
this without violating the terms and conditions is to create an accompanying report to
go along with the package. If you yourself then offer MRR (Master Resell Rights) to
your own report that you created, your affiliate links and web site will be virally
promoted using other people’s efforts instead of solely your own.

If on the other hand you own Private Label Rights, you are then granted greater
flexibility on what you can do with the products. If you have Unrestricted PLR, you
basically have license to do whatever you want with the content and is treated much
in the same way as Public domain content.
So, to get the most out of your PLR you can start by…

Changing The Look

You can instantly get more mileage out of your PLR products just by giving them a
facelift with a new graphic. Its true that at some point everyone’s seen the very
same PLR you’re promoting, after all the internet is a vast place and information
spreads across it like wildfire. Chances are everyone’s already seen what you have
so to give yourself a unique advantage over the masses offering the same thing,
change your graphic.

Even if you didn’t alter your title (not recommended), if people had a choice to
choose between the hundreds of others selling the same product or yours with the
different e-book cover graphic, yours would stand out a mile. People really do judge
a book by its cover and are drawn to the new, so add a new lease of life to your
products by beginning with changing your graphic.

Changing The Content

The beauty of PLR is that you can create an entirely new product based upon the
raw information you receive. PLR is somewhat of a product chameleon, it can take
whatever form depending upon your need and your market. To give your PLR new
life, alter the title for starters. Change the table of contents. Shorten the content. If
your content is long, break it up into set of mini volumes. Turn them into mini reports
to add as a list builder. Use them as viral reports to generate sales on autopilot by
adding your web site details and affiliate links throughout your report. Use as article
content and newsletter content. Get creative, find uses of your own.

With the advent of pod casting and online video, you’re no longer restricted to just
the written word any longer.
Give your PLR a new product shelf life by recording the
content as an MP3 and selling it as an audio recording.

Why just stop there, why not burn it to CD and sell it as a physical product? Physical
products still have higher perceived value so you can charge more, the additional
bonus of selling as a physical product is that you get access to your customers
mailing address to which you can sell similar offers in the future. This paves the way
for higher ticket items, namely home business study courses, so don’t underestimate
the value and power of selling physical products.

You can also transform your content into video and promote on video sites. There
are around 70 plus sites the generate hundreds of thousands of viewers on a daily
basis, what a great way to get publicity for your product and to get indexed in the
search engines quickly.

So as you can see there are many ways to transform your PLR into a hot
commodity, all it takes is a little imagination to turn your rehashed content into a
fresh, new information heavyweight contender.

Rose Vidal

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