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4 Fat Burning Exercises for Great Training For Fat Loss

Aug 8th 2012 at 1:35 AM

The results you get ... or not your training is largely determined by the exercises you do. 30 minutes of effective fat burning can get better results than 60 minutes of ineffective. Your exercise sessions should include a number of "types of exercises" so they can offer the best fat loss results. 4 Exercises To Burn Fat

Fat burning exercises to do

Doing these exercises helps you accomplish two things:

1. You can do shorter workouts as they are not wasting your time on ineffective exercises.

2. Increase your calorie burn rate during the same exercise and increase your metabolism for several hours after the workout itself.

These are the "types of exercise" and the exercises are not specific. You will have a range of exercise options within each of these types of exercises to your workouts, can be varied and never boring. What if it's always intense.

1. Jumping exercises

I love jumping exercises, as they are an excellent way to include the short bursts of cardio to strength training. If you're in the beginning of a entrenamientod will find that "is much better to do strength training.

I usually start my training with a jumping exercise and included as part of my circuit. My favorite fat loss exercise include the squat jump and lunge jumps (also known as hop jumps). However, burpees are also an excellent choice.

Jump squats and lunge spend a large amount of muscle tissue under intense stress: the weight of his body. Furthermore, the jump produces cardiovascular stimulation contributes to the overall quality of fat burning exercises.

Include a series of jumps in each of its routes in the future and you will feel and see the difference.

2. Squats and lunges

You may be thinking that this is a repeat of the jumping exercises, but it is not. First, the jump squat and lunge can be done in one direction, while a number of variations of lunges and squatting exercises you can perform. A small sample are: squats hand, reverse lunges, squats, lunges a bow, is released from rotation, etc. Most of these exercises can be done with no jumps.

Squat exercises, fewer breaks, it can and should be done with dumbbells or weights to increase the intensity of the exercises.

Third, some of the best exercises for fat burning are exercises in combination. I'm talking about exercises like lunges with bicep curls or squats with shoulder press. These are, in fact, two exercises done in one motion. Employing more muscles and burn fat faster.

3. Pushing exercise - Focus on the chest

These are all pushing exercises and all targets are in the chest as his main force. As part of their routine body exercises, must include some pushing exercises. They work a lot of muscle mass in the chest, triceps and shoulders.

You can change your exercises with different grips pushing, not on an incline or decline position, and, of course, change the selection of specific exercises from one period to another.

4. Back focus

The end of "type of fat burning exercise" is one that gets most attention in the muscles of the back.

Pull-general of the back muscles and especially the biceps and shoulder muscles in a secondary way.

As the back contains a large amount of muscle tissue, pulling exercises should be included to complete your routine fat burning session.

You have a series of exercises to choose from and many variations of each: 31 day fat loss cure review Programs pull-ups and push-ups, dumbbell rows, cable or bar, lowered extraction, and deadlift.

This completes the type of exercise needed. Now you're ready to put everything together in a single training session.

The creation of a fat loss circuit of the 4 types of exercise

Choose an exercise from each of the 4 groups I have discussed above and create a way of metabolic resistance training for optimal fat loss. How do you structure this circuit?

Here is an example of a circuit:

* Squat jumps.

* Push.

* Reverse lunges with biceps curls.

* Pull-ups.

The next circuit may include other exercises in each group. A workout that consists of a number of these circuits burn much fat and will not take long to complete. You will see results quickly.

Another way in which these four exercises to burn fat can be used is the finalist training. You can create circuits composed of these exercises at the end of any strength training. This will give a big boost metabolism at the end of your routine and give rise to a rapid loss of fat.


These exercises will help burn fat faster results. You must ensure that their training included in either circuit for a full body workout or as a part of their training routine divided.

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