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Kenya S. | drknlvly6781
I am so excited I am finally in a position to help anyone and everyone make some good quick and lasting income online!!!
3 years ago

3 Positions For HomeWorkers Still Available

Dec 18th 2015 at 8:34 PM
Thank you for your interest in this great opportunity I'm promoting. To explain it fully is a bit of a lengthy read, but well worth it to earn up to$1000+ per month by basically doing nothing!!! (US except CA, AK, and HI only...Sorry!) The only other requirements you need are:
  • 18 years of age or older
  • Must have at least 100 Facebook Friends and an untouched ad account
  • (If you don't know what this is, safe to say you may not have used it)
  • A Cell phone and Home Internet Connection, both of which you are sure will not experience disconnection
I'm sure you have seen ads and banners when you are surfing the web or on Facebook on the web. Those ads are placed there to get people to click on them, companies pay a site to advertise for them, they in turn they pay people like you and I to post the ads for them. Just a quick overview of the company. They run ads for different bigger companies, but instead of us or them placing the ads one by one they do it for us, and we get paid for letting them use our Facebook Ad account to do so. Our company uses your FB ad account to advertise things like health & beauty products, baby products, clothing. It is completely secure. They will never access, save, or even view any of your internal fb info or your personal information. They will NEVER:
  • Post to your FB Wall
  • Read Your Messages
  • Read your Notifications
  • Access anything else on your account OTHER than your FB Ads
I have all the notifications set up for my account and I have never had an issue. The company needs people like us because each FB ad account is limited as to how much they can spend on ad campaigns, therefore each page is only allowed so many ads. For the company, its more efficient to pay us to use our ad account to do this rather than them creating a bunch of fake pages to run ads. That would be unethical. The fb ad account that we all have is not being utilized by active users like us; most people don't even realize that it is there! Our homeworkers just let them use it for awhile! Now lets get to the important part, THE MONEY You start at $1 per day, beginning as soon as you receive the device. The device that all workers receive hooks into your modem for the sole purpose of running ads from your internet connection. if they posted the ads on our accounts from their location Facebook might think that someone is trying to hack the account, especially if you have it set to manage and keep an eye out for active login as I do. This pay lasts up to 30-70 days, to determine the speed of your WiFi (you plug the Raspberry into your router or modem. That's really the most 'work' it entails) So your first month or so you will earn $30 Plus your invites which you get $100 for every person that signs up as you did! (you can start inviting as soon as the company gives you the green light to GO) After they determine your WiFi speed your daily pay goes to $3.33 a day,(which would take your monthly pay to $100 PLUS $100 bonus for each person you invite that signs up too. If you are interested, even if you are not completely sure yet, send me a FaceBook Friend Request, and message with your name and cell number. Your number will never be used for anything malicious or sold to any website, and the company itself rarely calls you once you join. Its just for me to put it into the system so that they can generate a text invite for you. Once you receive the text invite, read over the website, watch the video, read the FAQ page. If you like what you see and want to get started, THEN AND ONLY THEN, sign up. If you are not sure, or think that you will not follow through with this PLEASE! DO NOT SIGN UP!!! It is very important that you understand this part once a person clicks the button to join that is it! That is an invite that is sent and can not be regained. So if one sends out invites to people who join and never take action it is literally throwing away hundreds of dollars. Pretty simple and straight forward. There's a number on the invite you can call once it is sent, they will answer any questions I haven't answered in this note. Even if you’re not interested in inviting anyone ever, you are welcome to do that; you will still make $30-100 a month no matter what. Everyone needs money, and almost everyone has the 3 things required to do it. If you have any questions/concerns once you have viewed the invite and especially once you join, I will be more than happy to help. We also have a FaceBook Group I will invite you to once you join, which will show you other home workers with our company and proof of the money being made! So once again, send me a message with your first and last name, and your cell phone number, and we can begin getting your free money!!!
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