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10 months ago

3 Methods to Power Up Your Web Home Business Utilizing the Law of Attraction

Dec 15th 2010 at 1:04 PM

Are you having trouble starting your home based business? This is a common problem. Sure, a some individuals thrive quickly and effortlessly with their web home businesses, while others struggle over and over again. What is the difference? The Law of Attraction. The way we often think and take action determines the results we get. Here are three methods for putting the power of Universal LOA to work in your web home business and financial ventures.

Strategy #1-Have fun with money. Now this doesn't mean that you should go out and blow you entire savings in a day. It only means that you should begin looking at cash as a thing of joy, something that brings happiness and excitement. Worries over money cause people a great deal of stress. In fact, having cash trouble is a common reason why many are drawn to start an Internet business. But you must understand that worrying about your finances is only bringing you more of the same; That type of thinking is only going to give you more money problems to stress over. Look at cash in a different way. Realize that cash is nothing more than a tool, something that you can use and enjoy. Be generous with your money, and do not be scared to let go of a few dollars. Being sharing and carefree with money tells the universe "I have plenty, send me more!" The universe acts accordingly, giving you more cash to enjoy, spend, and share.

Technique #2- Become a very grateful individual. Gratitude is one of the most powerful emotions that we have. When you are in a state of gratitude, you are giving your focus and attention to those things in your life that you are happy about. As we know, the LOA works to bring us that which we are focused on. Becoming a grateful individual will put your entire focus on what is right and good in your life, and you will receive even more to be grateful about. Try saying thank you to everyone for anything that they do for you. Be grateful for the money you have, and say thank you every time you receive any money.....EVEN FINDING A PENNY ON THE GROUND!! Be happy, joyful, and thankful for every day, and spend time thinking about all of the great blessings that are in your life. This is the best way to get more of whatever you and home based biz attaining your goals included.

Tactic #3- Think, act, and speak as if were impossible to fail. Failure can only find you if you show yourself to it with your thoughts. Align your thoughts with attaining your goals and prosperity, and give no attention to the possibility of failure. In all reality, if you do not ever think of failure as an option, it will not be an option that you will have. We only have so much time, so why waste it thinking of anything that we do not want or enjoy? Make attaining your goals your only option, and think only constructive thoughts that are in alignment with it. You will be drawing close all of the things that you want to see, have, and be.

Our thoughts have incredible power. The way we use our thoughts , the direction we place our attention, is the real determining factor of our life. When starting a home based biz, the way you think about money and your achievement will be the key component to the results that you ultimately get. Think big, think confidently, think attaining your goals and financial freedom, and you will be able to succeed with your web home business goals....and any other goals that you have in life. I wish you good luck and great success!

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