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Sep 20th 2012 at 3:18 PM

This is my review of the income program.  Another new online income opportunity (the site has only been up for 48 days as of this posting).  Normally I do not write reviews on this new of a program, but I had a friend request that I join her in this program, so I thought I would check it out.

The income program is owned by Rick Harrold from Rochester, NY.   He is a member of the Net Millionaires Club, where he promotes the EmpowerNetwork online program.   So I believe this is his first attempt at his own online income opportunity program, but I cannot be sure of this.

What is   It works off the 2x2 matrix system.  Basically you start out by paying $105 to start at the NOVICE level. You have to to get two members and they then each get two members.  The site states the you can get paid even if you only sign up one referral, but it does not state how.  It does say that you will receive $400 when your NOVICE level is full (6 members, your two and the four that your referrals get) using the pay it forward system.  Then you have the option to join the PRO level at a cost of $300, when it is full (6 more members, same way as the NOVICE level) you receive $1,200.  You can then keep moving up each level, EXPERT at a cost of $700, 6 more members, $2,800 payout and then GURU at a cost of $1,500, 6 more members, $6,000 payout.  The way I figure it you pay in a total of $3,807 for a net gain of $1,900 when you cashout on your first GURU level.  After that you get free GURU level matrices that you can earn the full $6,000 on when they fill.

What do you get for you $105?  (3) banner ads, (3) log in ads, and (3) text ads (of any program of you choice) that will be displayed on other members replicated sites.  Also if you decide to move up and pay for the PRO, EXPERT, and GURU levels, will will receive (3) online training videos for each different level (9 videos total).

PROS - If you can recruiting affiliates that are willing to spend the $105 starting cost (and most people cannot recruit very well) then it looks like you can earn some easy money with this program.

CONS -  Even if you can recruit two affiliates that are willing to spend the $105, they way it looks to me (and I could be wrong) you need to be sure that the two affiliates that you do recruit can also recruit two affiliates each, to keep your matrix growing.  And that those affiliates, below you, also agree to buy into the upper levels, instead of just taking their $400 and leaving the program.

I believe the advertising that you are getting is not going to be of much help to you in growing any other online businesses.  Usually people who are already in other online income programs are not interested in joining any additional online income programs (which is the same reason why Safelists and Traffic Exchanges are such poor traffic sources).  Meaning that your change to getting new referrals to your other online programs from your 2EX2X2 advertising will be poor at best.

CONCLUSION - I believe that I will stay away from this program as it breaks to many of my "rules" of what I am looking for in a online income opportunity.  This does not mean that I believe the program is bad, if just means that it does not meet my higher standards of a program I am willing to invest money into.

So I think I will just stay with my BannersBroker advertising income program, as I know the traffic I get from it is targeted and very good.  Plus I have and currently am making money with it, without having to recruit anybody.

Just in case you do want more information about BannersBroker, you can find it at -  If you enter your name and email address at this link and  it will send you three emails with information, video links, webinar links, and sign up links about BannersBroker.

Your Friend,
Philip Reitcheck

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