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20Now Review

Feb 13th 2014 at 1:54 PM

This is my review of the 20Now MLM program.  First of all, I want to inform you that I have been a active 20Now affiliate since July 2013, but wanted to wait to write this review until (1. the prelaunch hype had dyed down, (2. I had a chance to use their marketing tools and  (3. to see if they pay out affiliate commission earnings.

The 20Now MLM program offers marketing tools and training for online marketers.  Its founder and CEO is Richard W. Pickett, Jr.  The programs URL is "", registered on April 15th 2013, its server located in Absecon NJ, and URL registrant was program founder Richard W. Pickett, Jr. of Plano, KY. for a little history on the 20Now founder Richard W. Pickett, Jr.  His online bio page states that he was a former Marine and has over twenty years experience in the Information Technologies field.  His past work experience reads as follows;  Nortel Networks (Windows Server System Engineer and Systems Security Consultant), IO Studio (Linux Server Administrator and Sr. Web Programmer), and L1 Identity  Solutions (Sr. Linux Server Administrator and Programmer).  He is shown as the founder and President of CSF Technologies, Inc. that advises the Department of Defense, Ford Motor Company, the banking industry, Nortel Network, etc. on wireless Internet security.  His online marketing experience was in a Facebook marketing software tool, named ToolsTeam, that he developed and released in May 2012.  As far as MLM experience it looks like 20Now is his first MLM program launch.

Now Does 20Now It Work? Affiliate membership is $20 per month, which allows you free access to all the following Online marketing tools and training;
(1. Facebook Marketing Module
(2. Live Streaming Webcasts software
(3. Mass Email System software
(4 Live Marketing and Tools Training
(5 Just released-- Free Personal Customizable Website, with Website Tools
(6. And soon to be released-- Search Engine Optimization Software
with additional marketing tools planning to be added in the future.

20Now offers a Personal Referral Bonus that pays affiliates $5 for each of your paying personal referrals each month.

Their comp plan follows a 4x10 company wide matrix as follows:
(1.  They offer Matrix Commissions that pays $0.70 for each paying affiliate on the first four levels, then for each paying personal referral, a affiliate signs-up, an additional matrix level is unlocked below them, ending on the 10th level after their 6th personal referral.
(2.  Matrix Commission Roll-Up where if personally sponsored affiliates, are not qualified, to be paid on a certain matrix level and the affiliate is, then commissions for that level that would be “rolled up” to that affiliate.
(3.  Matrix Match that pays a 100% matching monthly payment on the Matrix Commissions earned by each  of a affiliates personal referrals.
(4.  Bonus Pool that takes $1 from each paying account each month and is paid out as prizes in contest, events, and other forms of rewards that 20Now organizes for all active members.

Payments and withdraws are through Global Payroll Gateway, Inc. using bank transfers, VISA, or MasterCard.

My Opinion...... One must remind you that my opinion could be biased since I have been a paying affiliate of 20Now since July 2013.  That said here is my review opinion.  When you first go to the site the first thing you will notice is the website has no pretty pictures, flashy colors, moving graphics, pop-up videos, etc.  Just a "all business, no-hype, plain Jane" website, which is what I both want and like in a business site.

The only tools that I have used to-date are the Live Streaming Webcasts and Mass Email System software.  I was using GoToMeeting webcast software but it was costing me $55 a month, limited me on the number of webinars I could host per month and the number webinar attendees I could have.  Now I use the Live Streaming Webcasts software for my program webinars.  It works great, has unlimited number of attendees & webinars, and is saving me $35 ($55 - $20)  per month.

I have used the Mass Email System to email all my 20Now active and inactive referrals with very good success.  Plus I have watched some of both Richard Pickett's & Coach Van's training videos and have found them very detailed and easy to follow.  I have not used the Facebook Marketing Module yet, as I am not a a big fan of Facebook.  But I have heard from other affiliates, that are using it, and they state that it is a great marketing tool, getting them sign-ups & leads to their full time MLM programs.

The Free Personal Customizable Website, with Design Tools, has just been released, so I cannot give you any "concrete" details on it, except that all you need is a domain name (costs between $8 to $10 a year depending on who you use).  I believe the website design tools are the complete WordPress website management system.  The free website hosting alone could save you money (good unlimited website hosting can cost $25 to $100 per month), plus you get free live website WordPress training from Richard Pickett.

The Search Engine Optimization software is still on the drawing board, but if it is the same high quality as the other 20Now tools, it could also be of great value to most marketers, as good SEO software can cost you $299.99 or more.  I have also heard that the program owner, Richard Pickett, is planning even more free tools in the future, yet is not planning on increasing the $20 monthly membership when these new tools are added.

Now for the MLM affiliate side of the program.  Since I have joined I have made approx. $435 in commissions, with a total cost to me of $80 (4 months of membership cost).  Of the $435 I have withdrawn  $130 directly to my VISA credit card that only took 1 day to clear, so the program is paying out.  I feel that the MLM side of the program is legal as it does have a product (the tools) and the products do have a retail value (see above).  My only concern is the lack real (non-affiliate) customers, which could cause problems with some US government agency's, if the company grows very large and is put under the government microscope in the future, since all affiliate commissions are being paid out of affiliate monthly membership costs.

For this reason I am promoting this MLM program as a great, low cost, marketing tool and training source for any online marketer, and not has a "full time online income" MLM program (though some affiliates are marketing it as such).   My advice to you is if you can use, or can save money using, the marketing tools (like I am) then you should sign-up for 20Now.  Or if you are looking for some very good, detailed, continuing, live online market training then this could also be a very good program for you to join.

But if you are planing to join this program just with the idea that you can make money every month, without any interest in the tools or market training, then I advise you should walkaway from this one and look for true MLM program like either SFI or JubiRev or even Emmetec.

Just My Opinion,
Philip Reitcheck

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