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20 Tips to Avoid Google Adsense Account Termination

Jan 25th 2011 at 4:27 AM

Jijo Sunny Writes About The Current Trends


I just got banned from Google Adsense which made me to think about Creating a Post regarding ‘20 Tips to Avoid your Adsense Account Termination‘. Lack of Privacy Policy in my blog was the reason which made Google to Ban my account.  Well, The blog was following almost every important rules of Google Adsense TOS that I was so Amazed to know that my Adsense Account is no more.For knowing more about this Sudden Ban, I posted a question in Adsense Help which revealed the secret behind the Account Termination. I was using a ‘Privacy Policy’ Page when I requested for Google Adsense. Recently I removed that Page due to some personal reasons. That was the reason which made Google to Ban my account. I think its time to follow the strict rules of Google to avoid this in the future. This Post which contains the Ultimate  ’20 Tips to Avoid Getting Banned from Google Adsense’ will help you to know more about Adsense Account Ban.


  1. Read, Understand & Follow Google Adsense Terms and Conditions

  2. Create a Privacy Policy Page

  3. Don’t Click Your own Ads

  4. Don’t promote or recommend others to click your ads

  5. Don’t Break copyright regulations by Copying Licensed materials from other blogs. Better you write content for your blog

  6. Make your Articles High Quality

  7. Do not use Content related to: Porn, XXX, Weapons, Illegal, Alcohol, Tobacco, Gambling, Casino, Hacking, Null Downloads etc..

  8. Don’t Alter Adsense Ad Code

  9. Do not join in Traffic Exchange Programs (especially Autosurf Programs)

  10. Don’t advertise your blog/website in PTC websites or other ways where you can receive in-organic traffic

  11. Don’t try to Increase your CTR using special Methods. Your CTR must lie below 7% (I recommend)

  12. Don’t keep Google ads in Pop-ups, Emails etc.

  13. Don’t make your ads invisible

  14. Don’t try to make a lots of websites with High paying Adsense keywords. Google will find your Trick and Ban you (forever)

  15. Don’t Spam Forums & Blogs (using Comments) to Make traffic for your blog

  16. Finish your Blog in all aspects. Google will ban ‘Under Construction’ Websites

  17. Don’t Reveal your Adsense Earnings. Even though you reveal it, Be careful that you are not giving out eCPM and CTR (means: Do not give Page Impressions with Total Earnings, Clicks with Total Earnings etc.)

  18. You must be  18 years old or above

  19. Trying to Increase Adsense Earnings using Adwords (For example, Spending 100$ in adwords to make 1000$ in Adsense). ‘Made For Adsense‘ Websites are examples for this.

  20. Don’t use Click Bots for Getting ad clicks


At last: Don’t try new methods to Cheat adsense;  Inside Adsense team is wandering Online to catch those tricks and to ban them in, Play Well to Earn Well

eddie :o)

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