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1ClickDay Review

Aug 27th 2013 at 12:06 PM

My review of the new 1ClickDay profit sharing MLM program.  The 1ClickDay is also another "passive" membership advertising program that pays out a daily ROI.  I am starting to get tired of reviewing these "cookie cutter" type passive membership advertising investment programs, as they are all the same Ponzi scheme.  I do not know the 1ClickDay launch date, but its URL is "", its server was originally located in Brazil (but now in Absecon, NJ), was registered September 9th 2012, and expires September 4th 2014.  The URL registration is set to private so NO company name, address, phone number, or email address is given.

How 1ClickDay Works? Affiliates join and have to pay a $49 membership fee every 100 days.  Once an affiliate joins they must also purchase either the ClickSimple ($420 + $50 “insurance”) or ClickStar ($2,100 + $100 “insurance”) advertising package that expires in 100 days.  Both packages receive a certain number of advertising clicks over these 100 days. Affiliates are also required to view other members ads in order to qualify for daily ROI profit sharing payments.

The ClickSimple package pays out $5 ROI per day, with $2 in cash and $3 added to a ClickPoint account. The ClickStar pays out $40 ROI per day, with $17 in cash and $23 added to a ClickPoint account.  New advertising packages can be purchase with ClickPoints as follows: ClickSimple package for 220 ClickPoints (plus $200 cash) and ClickStar package for 1,550 ClickPoints (plus $550 cash).

Affiliate referral commissions are offered on expired advertising package purchases as follows; ClickSimple packages- $100 on matrix level 1 & $20 on level 2 and CickStar packages- $400 on matrix level 1 & $80 on level 2.

A "Bonus 16" bonus of $6 is paid with a 2X16 matrix on personal referral advertising package purchases, with each position in the matrix representing a purchased ClickSimple or ClickStar package. Also a “My Team” bonus is offered on matrix levels 2 to 6 as follows: $10 for a ClickSimple package and $60 for a ClickStar package.  A "Binary" bonus is also paid on a 3X8 matrix, again with the purchase advertising packages filling the matrix positions, however this time the positions can be filled from all program package purchases (upline spill down).  The binary bonus is $7 for each filled matrix position.

Other ClickStar advertising package bonuses are the Binary Bonus Insurance, Binary Bonus Card, Binary Bonus ClickPoints, and Bonus 1ClickCard only very little information is shown on the website about these other bonuses.  The "Bonus 1ClickCard" does seen to be connected to the $200 "International Card”.  No information could be found on the website as to what payment processors that 1ClickCard accepts, but I believe it has something to do with the $200 “International Card” that is offered to affiliates.

My Opinion..... As always, I would never hand over money to a company (program) that is hiding its "true" company name, address, phone number, and email address.  To do so is just like walking down the street and handing your money to a complete "stranger".

Even with the program using the "so called product of advertising" there is no doubt that all revenues are from affiliate investments (no retail customers).  Because of this, there is NO doubt that all ROI and bonuses are being 100% paid out from affiliate purchases (investments), making 1ClickDay your standard Ponzi scheme.

With the program only paying out $80 ROI on a ClickSimple $420 package and $1,900 on a ClickStar $2,100 package, plus most of the bonuses being paid on ClickStar packages only, it’s obvious that the program is trying to get "unsuspecting" affiliates to purchase the higher priced ClickStar packages.  I feel that the program is offering the ClickSimple package for the skeptical affiliates, who after receiving the ClickSimple daily ROI payments, will be convinced to purchase (invest) in the more costly ClickStar packages.

I feel that the website stating that they "donate $1 per ad click to needy children" is nothing more then a referral recruiting ploy, as there is NO concrete proof that this is happening (with no details and no charitable organizations listed).  I also believe the programs "earnings insurance” is 100% bogus and is just another one of their referral recruiting schemes. Think about it, if the program "shuts down" without you having any "true" contact information, who will you contract to collect on this so called "earnings insurance"?

Has with all "passive investment ROI member advertising" schemes, once new affiliate purchases stop, so too will the daily ROI payments and bonuses.  True the "forced" re-purchase of advertising packages will prolong the scheme somewhat, but the program will "shut down" when a lot of affiliates start to withdraw large amounts of their earnings.  And with the URL registration set to private and NO known company information, you can be sure that when 1ClickDay "collapses" the program owners will disappear with any affiliates investment money.

One other thing that I have noticed about 1ClickDay.  Since most of the affiliate promotional material appears to be in Portuguese and its server was originally located in Brazil, could this new Ponzi scheme have been created to mainly target past TelexFree affiliates located in Brazil?

Just My Opinion,
Philip Reitcheck

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