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Hey fellow networkers,

I did NOTHING but switch the program
I was marketing and now I do not even
have time to call my freaking leads.

They are sending me completed apps and calling me, chomping at the bit to get
started so fast that my jaw has not risen from the floor in 30 days!

If you are pissed at MLM and frustrated
with all the crap... you OWE it to yourself to give this a look.

Talk soon,
Anton Amoto

PS - Do not be mad if I do not call you.
I do not have time to call my leads anymore. ;-)
Anton Amoto | antonamoto
Struggling with making money in MLM but still doing EVERYTHING your upline is telling you? Stop the bleeding and stop the pain! I Can Help:

14 TIPS for your MLM Business!

Mar 21st 2011 at 3:26 AM

Tip #1 - Remember that you're ony looking for a few good people! Many top

distributors in network marketing companies have only 1 or 2 people in their

downline which represents 90% of their bonus check! You don't need to

sponsor 10 people every month to be successful - you only need to look for,

sponsor, and train a few good people to make 'big thi...ngs' happen.


Tip #2 - Learn from your 'MLM mistakes' ... be a product of the past not a

victim of it! Leverage all of your knowledgeg, experience, successes --



Tip #3 - Be Enthusiastic - Tell Your Own Story - If you are not excited

about your opportunity - neither will the new person that you're talking

with. Why does Tony Little sell $300,000 worth of ab crunchers in 1 hour on



Tip #4 - Work 30yrs for a $1,200/monthly pension? Some people are willing

to work 30 years to earn a $1,200 monthly pension and aren't willing to work

30 days in MLM for the same!! Don't be one of these people, don't give up,

don't get discouraged! Stick with it!


Tip #5 - Success is simply a numbers game - Who's going to be more

successful - the person who talks to 1 person a week or the person who talks

to 50? This is an obvious tip - unfortunately, some people miss it. Talk

to people about your opportunity all the time - and advertise to the masses!


Tip #6 - Have confidence - Consistent Confidence Always Wins - 100's of

Psychological Studies have shown us that people are attracted to confident

people! Are you confindent that you've got the best company out there? Do

you know you're with the right one? Let people know that!!


Tip #7 - Work with the Willing - Drop the Duds - Don't the the 'duds' bring

your spirits down. Be an encourager - but not a cheerleader! If you have

someone that rains on your parade - Drop them quick and don't feel bad about

it! Surround yourself with supportive, understanding go-getters, people

that you would like to emulate.


Tip #8 - Run an ad in your Local Paper to sell your products - A networker I

know earns over $8,000 monthly and she still runs the same 30 word

classified ad in her local paper for $14 a week!! Run that 'cheapo' ad

every week - by the end of the year - many good things will come from it!


Tip #9 - Develop a 30, 60 or 90 Day Massive Action Plan. - Plan, Do,

Review. Make a Plan. Follow your plan. Review your plan. Repeat.


Tip #10 - Put your Blinders ON! - Over 60% of the industry's TOP income

earners (over $10,000/mo) have never been in more than one company! You

can't work three businesses as effectively as you can work one. Common

Sense. Don't forget it.


Tip #11 - Be Natural - Be Yourself! People know when you're being genuine,

'fake it till you make it' is out!! Don't stress!! As MLM

Multi-Millionaire, Art Williams put it "All you can do is all you can do -

and all you can do is enough!"


Tip #12 - Leverage Everything! Leverage your time - use conference calls to

talk to 10-110 people instead of one at a time! Leverage your money - use

co-op advertising! Remember that John Paul Getty quote about preferring to

make 1% on the efforts of 100 people rather than 100% of his own efforts.

Put people to work for you - your upline, your downline, your magazine

publisher, your mailing list broker, your voice mail company!! Leverage,

Leverage, Leverage!


Tip #13 - Spend your time well! Are you building a business - or playing

with a hobby? Either one is fine. Some people are in MLM to make money to

get more free time. Others are involved for the social benefits of MLM -

meeting people, having fun, entertainment! Know which one you are - it is



Tip #14 - Don't ever give up!! Try, try, try - and don't ever give up on

your dreams!!


This is why we are the MLSP Team. We are here to help you make your

dreams come true, whatever they may be!! ...

Click here to see the exact marketing system I use to generate leads and make money online.

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