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Of all that I do and all that I have tried throughout the years I find that I really enjoy anything Creative. From drawing & writing to web design & product creation - I just love to create. I have been online for so many years and have seen so many changes; it’s really a joy to be involved in projects that can change the world & what we do every day, in so many ways.

Somehow, I have a feeling that there are certain places we need to be in order to position ourselves for \\\'the next big thing\\\' and I am working hard to be in the very middle of it all.

As a professional writer I have had the joy of writing for some great people and great outlets both online & off. It brings me great joy to read comments from readers whether good or bad, its great to get responses to your work.

The Examiner is my favorite place, aside from IM Faceplate of course, and my page can be found at - I hope you will visit my articles, they are 100% original and are not the same as the ones posted here.

If you would like to use my articles on your sites, please just contact me directly, there is no cost - just a link somewhere.

I am also available for product creation and product/site reviews. Please send me an email or contact me here if you would like me to create something for your site(s).

Article marketing, search engines, optimization, even guaranteed visitors, none of this is going to help you make a living if you are always 2 steps behind the money makers, join various networks and leverage yourself with a community of professionals who DO know what they are doing and will be happy to help you along the way. Stay away from anyone who tells you it’s right now or never! Fact is, if you approach those same people tomorrow with cash in hand, 9 out of 10 will NOT turn you away. Think about what you join and where you spend your valuable time.

Finally, I am always happy to help fellow community members, so if you are in need of articles, help with your blog or someone to maintain for you, just contact me. There are many ways that I can help and absolutely will!

Liz Calamusa | wp217
Im really excited because I am putting together my first 100% original traffic & marketing package complete with checklists, tracking sheets, and so much more!! Also original reports!

13 Marketing Terms Simplified - You should save this one

Oct 16th 2011 at 9:24 PM

The world of online marketing is indeed a confusing place and as you travel you will undoubtedly stumble across at least a few terms you are not quite familiar with.

The following is a short list of terms that may help you to better understand all you encounter.

  1. Above the fold -- content/ads that appear at the top of a webpage before you scroll down.
  2. AIDA - attention -- interest -- desire -- action. Acronym for steps to purchase an online marketing.
  3. Call to action -- marketing technique that pass prospects to take specific action to move towards a sale.
  4. Cookie -- identification code downloaded to a user's machine to recognize repeat visitors or track online activity.
  5. Conversion rate -- percentage of visitors who actually click through and sign up or buy. (I.e. converting browsers to buyers)
  6. CPC -- cost per click -- amount actually paid for a click through ad.
  7. CPM -- cost per thousand -- the advertising cost to reach 1000 viewers or listeners.
  8. CTR - click through rate -- percentage viewing an ad click through.
  9. PPC -- pay per click -- payment method for online ads in which advertisers pay for each click through rather than by number of impressions or a flat rate.
  10. ROI -- return on investment -- amount of profit or loss as a percentage of the amount invested. Usually calculated per year and can be used for a website, ad campaign, or an entire business.
  11. SEO -- search engine optimization -- making a website search engine friendly to improve rank in search results.
  12. SEM -- search engine marketing -- a combination of SEO with paid search engine marketing such as through PPC, paid inclusion, or paid appearance.
  13. URL -- uniform resource locator -- address designating the location of information online and includes a registered domain name.

The terms above represent just some of the most used and often needed terminology. Of course for every day that passes more advancements are made which leads to more terminology and so on and so on goes the cycle.

Until next time, here's to your success!

**Article is also posted on my IMFaceplate in an effort to help as many people as possible.

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