12 Reasons To Use mailVU to Market Your Business

May 14th 2011 at 4:17 PM

I’ve read quite a few lists of reasons people should get their businesses involved in email, web, and video marketing, so I decided to write one specifically about the ways mailVU can help move companies forward in their own marketing plans:

1.)            It’s so unbelievably easy – With mailVU, all you have to do is click, record, and send your video email messages. Besides our flagship free service, we offer mailVU Business which gives your company the option to send custom video email to anyone.

2.)            It’s fast – If you have a webcam, you can be up and running in a matter of moments. With mailVU Business, you can even upload your own pre-recorded videos.

3.)            It’s not expensive – We offer low-cost options to suit even the smallest budget. You have no long-term commitment to us and may cancel at any time (though we can’t imagine once you’ve used branded logo video messages that you would want to live without them!)

4.)            We offer a plan that includes video testimonials – With mailVU Business, besides our amazing logo-branded video mail service, our video platform allows you an easy means of collecting testimonials from your customers. Edit them into a montage or embed individual testimonials onto your website.

5.)            We have excellent customer service – I would have put this one first, but ease-of-use should be at the forefront. As any of our users will tell you, we are available to promptly answer any questions you might have at

6.)            It’s engaging – Video messages truly are so much more personal and memorable than a text email with some static images thrown in. When a customer hears and sees your video, your message’s call to action is conveyed clearly and effectively.

7.)            It doesn’t take a lot of equipment – See #2. However, if you opt to open a mailVU Business account and if you prefer, you can record a video with any small hand-held recorder and upload it to be distributed to your email list.

8.)            You can show rather than tell – Show off the latest items you have in store – whether they be jewelry, designer clothes, cars, or the new red velvet cupcakes your bakery is now selling. You could also make a video showing your customers how to use a product your company sells; people can better follow along with a video as opposed to paper instructions (in my house, those are usually just treated as guidelines anyway!)

9.)            You will no longer be a faceless entity – Think how much more your customers will appreciate seeing a face behind the company. Pick someone warm and approachable to be in front of the camera for your business – doing so might mean you’ll get a few new clients!

10.)         Your customers will watch it – Though video is becoming HUGE, there are still millions of people who have never seen a video email. As long as it’s from a company they already do business with and trust, more than likely customers will be receptive to your video message. More companies see how video is helping bottom lines, so more advertising dollars are going toward the medium. Check out this article and this one on this trend.

11.)         Clients will remember it – Most will forget a text email probably minutes after they read it (seconds in my case.) A unique, well thought out video tends to linger in the mind. Add your logo and you’ve got an awesome marketing/advertising vehicle.

12.)         It’s private – Surprisingly, sometimes as a business owner, you don’t want your messages all over the web. Perhaps you want to send out an offer or invitation to only your best customers. mailVU allows your business to be as exclusive as it needs to be with our private video hosting.

Because our business video platform is so scalable and can be used across a variety of different disciplines, I know this list is far from comprehensive. However, I think I’ve laid out a few reasons it’s a great idea to contact us today to get started on video email marketing. In the meantime, think about how we can help your company move beyond the competition with your own business videos. Contact us at

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