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20 Years of MLM Experience ON/OFF
Professional CHESS Player
A in Maths and Physics

Connected the dots with GDI the Missing link Front and Center.

Created a FORMULA and a SYSTEM 100%
Zero-To Billionaire 1-3Years BluePrint
Zero-To-Millionaire 1-3Months BluePrint
Aman CertifiedNetMarketer | BillionaireLaunch

110% Guaranteed Zero-To-Billionaire BluePrint 1-3Years or even Less

Feb 15th 2011 at 2:32 PM


Aman Certified Network Marketer

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Hi, And Thank You For Your Interest... Want Build a 100% Zero-To-Billionaire EMPIRE for FREE?
What "Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaki, Warren Buffett" have in common?

They have Endorsed Network Marketing. Income through Leverage and Duplication.
They are Making Multiple Streams of Income. 
They are making An Avalanche of Global Income Beyond their wildest Dreams. Their hands are everywhere.
While YOU and I work harder for linear income or Zero Income.

This is Aman Certified Network Marketer Since November 2004. From Washington DC.
I'm ordinary person like you with 20 years of Network Marketing Experience ON/OFF
Professional CHESS player. I play to WIN.
A in Maths & Physics.

Because of all this I'm into something very BIG. I Found the missing links.
Connected the dots &  created a FORMULA and a Complete 100% Free SYSTEM.
Free Training And Walk you through easy sign ups. Just PLUG-IN
GDI is the CENTER of my missing link.

Multiple Streams of Multiple Income. Multiple Income of Multiple Streams.
An Avalanche of Global Income Beyond your wildest Dreams.
No more Jumping from Program to Program to Program.
I Came up with the BEST of the BEST products and Tools.
Affiliate Marketing,Clickbank,MLM, Direct Selling,Social Media etc.
With totally different and unique Approach  than what is going on out there.
Approach like: join my product, join my attraction marketing, join my matrix, join my cash gifting etc
BillionaireLaunchEMPIRE=BillionaireLaunchFORMULA= BillionaireLaunchSYSTEM =BillionaireLaunchTRAINING ONE approach like Matryoshka "Russian Doll"
BillionaireLaunchFORMULA approach is unique and different from the rest out there.
No BRAINER approach. One ENTRY under one roof approach.
Build one TEAM approach. One ENTRY ONE website approach.

This is 100% Zero-To-Billionaire BluePrint 1-3Years or even less
This is 100% Zero-To-Millionaire BluePrint 1-3Months or even less
For The First Time in Direct Selling, MLM, Network Marketing HISTORY

By Private Invitation Only. Pre-Launch April 2011

How Would You like Millionaire or even Billionaire next to your name?
Do You know 10 People World-Wide For Leverage and Duplication?
If you Know 10 people world wide preferably your warm market then You're qualified.
Multiple Streams of Multiple Income: Will You be Interested?
Global People's Franchise Model: Will You be Interested?

Free Training and walk you through sign ups just Plug-IN....
For Leverage and Duplication we'll TEACH you To Do The SAME.

Products like...

Do you have Mobile Cell Phone?
Do You Know someone who have?
Do you want Free monthly bill and make money?
Share it with few others and get paid and bonus free Bently and free BMW...

Do You Drink water?
Do you know someone who drink water?
Healthy water that fights all kinds of ailments including CANCER.
Doyou want makemoney for drinking healthy water?
HEALTH inside the CELL and outside SKIN!

Do you eat food ?
Do you know someone who eat food?
Do you want make money for eating healthy food?

Do You Drink Coffee?
Do You Know someone who drink Coffee?
Do you want make money for drinking healthy coffee by sharing?

Would You Like To Become a Millionizer Millionaire?
Yes, the product is a Millionizer Millionaire?
15 Day Millionaire CHALLENGE? 7WeekMillionaire? Your CHOICE.

BillionaireLaunchFORMULA=BillionaireLaunchSYSTEM=Phase1 + Phase2 BillionaireLaunchEMPIRE=BillionaireLaunchTRAINING=Phase1 + Phase2

This is 100% Zero-To-Billionaire BluePrint 1-3Years This is 100% Zero-To-Millionaire BluePrint 1-3Months This is 100% Zero-To-BillionaireLaunchFORMULA This is 100% Zero-To-BillionaireLaunchSYSTEM This is 100% Zero-To-MillionaireLaunchFORMULA This is 100% Zero-To-MillionaireLaunchSYSTEM

Phase1 + Phase2
SmallTicket Item + Big Ticket Item
100% Free Programs + 100% Free SYSTEM+
"FREE" Zero out of pocket+Claim FREE Money +
One-Timeout of pocket+ PAID programBig Ticket Item

Phase1. Free programs
Step1a. Join FREE programs first
Step1b. Free programs that PAYS
Step1c. Claim FREE Money
Phase2. PAID programs Phase2a. One-Time out of Pocket
Phase2b. Then Join PAID programs from above Earned Income

Phase2b. MobilePhone, Water, Food... This are Monthly PAID programs
Become CEO of Your own MobilePhone & Kylee as Your own Virtual Secretary...
Make money with your mobile phone, Texting, Drinking Water and Eating Food!
For Good performance Rewards Bently, BMW, Benz

Big Ticket Items: Best Cash Gifting Ever. PAID in BIG CASH to your address.
"First Real Estate MLM", Gold&Silver, Global PipeLine
Solution to "Global Food Crisis", "Dollar Crisis""Gasoline crisis", 

Phase2 is By Private Invitation ONLY. You've to join our free Phase1 first.

If you haven't already read the NY Times Best Selling book
"Rich Dad, Poor Dad" by Robert T.Kiyosaki, I highly recommend it.

In this book, Mr.Kiyosakisays the only way to become wealthy is to go
into business for yourself: "Mind your own business", as he puts it.

"The greatest entrepreneurial opportunities will be in DISTRIBUTING rather than
in manufacturing products."

Dr. Charles King, Professor of Marketing at the University of
Illinois, and entrepreneur Tim Sales (who generated revenues in excess of
$25 million annually from 24 countries) teach an Accredited Course called,
"How To Recognize A Professional Business Model When You See One".
This is what they had to say:

"There are four principles of a business that are essential."

1) Huge Expanding Market
2) Unique Exclusive Product
3) Timing/Trends
4) Using Leverage

BillionaireLaunchEMPIRE=BillionaireLaunchFORMULA= BillionaireLaunchSYSTEM=BillionaireLaunchTRAINING meets ALL 4 Business Principals!

Take ACTION...
Get Started right away...
You've nothing to Lose...  
SERIOUS Entrepreneurs ONLY... If You're Links will be provided... Phase1 + Phase2    Links will be provided SmallTicket Item + Big Ticket Item
100% Free Programs + 100% Free SYSTEM+
"FREE" Zero out of pocket+Claim FREE Money +
One-Timeout of pocket+ PAID programBig Ticket Item

Learning more is as easy as a click of a button.
To Learn More goto:

To Your Ultimate Success

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