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11 Tips for your MLM career

Sep 23rd 2010 at 2:50 AM


There are many people who say MLM is bad, scam, Hype etc… Don’t listen to them!

There are a lot of people who are making money with MLM. And Making REALLY good money I might add. These are the people who have overcome their fears of MLM and started doing something with your life.

And if you already have been in a MLM system and failed then the only thing I have to say is that was not the RIGHT system for YOU!

Every month dozens of MLM systems are being created and to be honest most of them are made only with a purpose of making money to the owners not to the members. But every once in a while there comes a good system that makes money to all who put their heart into it!

Basically life is like a bicycle ride. First you learn how to ride, you will fall off the bicycle several times before you learn how to ride correctly. The same is with the MLM systems, you try one system and the other system and I bet that 100% of people who try to make money using MLM don’t make millions in the first run. Some make little money, some make good money and some of them don’t make money at all. But I hear me out here YOU must get back on that bicycle! Otherwise you will never learn how to ride the MLM they way you are supposed to ride it. If your first run failed then take extra caution on your second run, DO NOT QUIT! This way you will never find out what could have happened if I would have done this or that.

Like I said earlier there are many good systems out there that can and will earn you money! But you must have WILL. Nothing happens overnight. You won’t make money overnight, you don’t know how to market overnight, you won’t graduate school overnight, Bill Gates did not become the richest man in the WORLD overnight! It all takes time and will. If there is a will there IS a way. And don’t forget that.

Live the life you want to live and overcome your fears!

Here are some tips you can use to avoid the mistakes of choosing the wrong system. And to avoid being scammed.

1. Research the company before singing up. Research the products they offer. Make sure that the products are something you and your downline can use.

2. Make sure you understand the compensation plan.

3. When you found the system, and you want to sign up then do it with your heart! Always think positive about yourself and what you are doing. Always look to your future, because looking into the past can confuse you and throw you off your tracks.

4. Here is a tip I picked off the web and I think it’s great! “Never listen to anybody who says that MLM is a scam. Never listen to anybody who says that MLM is a pyramid because it is not but corporate America is. Always remember that you are making the money and not some department store.”

5. Never think negative about what you are doing because that will be the reason you fail! NEVER GIVE UP!!!!

6. Understand the law of attraction. People follow leaders and if you want succeed big time you need to become that leader. People join YOU not your business, never forget that.

7. Provide REAL value to the ones who follow you. At first if you don’t have anything to provide then provide that what your Sponsor provides for you. Educate your followers and then you will succeed.

8. Become a professional in what you do. LEARN LEARN LEARN… God did not give you the MLM skill you have to learn how to be a successful MLM marketer.

9. Learn how to solve the problems of others and you have hit the jackpot. From that point you are a success.

10. Not everyone is cut out for marketing. Know who to market to - and who not to. It's not a list of your friends and family. You are looking for those that have the same skill sets that you have. Only present yourself to those kinds of people.

11. Serve without want. If you give your knowledge to others freely you will always have what you need and more.

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Oct 1st 2010 at 5:58 AM by yhbecpublisher
Fantastic article! The first 3 tips are ones I do for every program/product I'm interested in.

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