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10 Tips for Greater Website Performance

Jun 1st 2014 at 7:08 PM

When you put a lot of time into your website, you want to get good results. At times though, your website may not perform as well as you’d like. What can you do?

Well, there’s no need to despair because the following content outlines ten tips for greater website performance. Let’s get started.

TIP # 1: Know Who You Serve

Visitors to your website should immediately be able to discern what you do and how you serve others. They should also receive a clear picture of the benefits you offer.

Your website should convey this information as soon as visitors lay eyes on your site. Your home page is the ideal location for such info. Your site theme should clearly show what market you’re in and what you do.

TIP # 2: Provide a Valuable Gift to Visitors

Your objective should be to transform visitors into customers. You can do that in part by offering something of value. What might you offer?

The free gift could be any of the following:

· Video series

· Audio series

· Ecourse

· EBook

· Report

When you provide helpful content without cost, there’s a good chance that visitors will give you their contact information. This will enable you to keep in touch through email, thus directing them back to your website. You’ll then be able to offer paid products that will assist them in their own marketing.

TIP # 3: Have a Clear Call to Action

Your call to action or CTA is a prompting to act on your offer. One way to do this is to offer valuable free content through your opt in box in exchange for their contact information.

You can also include a CTA in other places on your site, such as banner ads in various places or ads at the end of blog posts. Use your imagination and get your offers noticed.

TIP # 4: Keep Your Home Page Uncluttered

Some say more is better and it can be in some cases. But that’s definitely not true when it comes to your home page. A home page that’s glutted with offers will leave visitors confused and quickly exiting your site.

How can avoid this? You do so by including only essential elements.

Here’s what to include on your home page:

· Opt in box with a free offer

· Your overall theme and objective

· A clear picture of the niche or market you’re in

· Some tastefully displayed banners and ads

Don’t overdo it when placing ads and banners on your site. Take a good look at your site and be honest about it. Does it look cluttered and confusing? If so, eliminate most of the ads, keeping only a few of your best sellers.

TIP # 5: Include a Personal Touch

Visitors to your site are interested only in what they can gain, so you have to quickly convey the benefits of your product(s) or service.

Providing free, yet useful content can help you to achieve that goal. But there’s something else you can do to include a personal touch. You can include a photo of yourself on your site.

You can include a photo on your “About” page and / or on the home page. Visitors will more readily connect with you. You show yourself to be real. You might also add stories and experiences on your “About” page.

Including a photo and experiences will increase trust and help with branding.

TIP # 6: Your Site Should Be SEO Friendly

One thing you want to do before setting up your site is to do a thorough keyword research on your market. Select 20-30 keywords that aptly describe your site and then create it.

This research and preparation will pay off in the form of a lot of organic traffic to your site. Traffic leads to many visitors, which in turn leads to sales and popularity in your niche.

TIP # 7: Continually Add Interesting Content

Visitors to your site will want to see fresh, new content. When you do this they’ll return to your site on a regular basis, viewing your content and offers.

All these visitors will do something else for you, namely share your content on social media sites, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google + and Pinterest. Talk about a viral avalanche of traffic!

That’s what happens when you continually add interesting content to your site. Be sure to add a variety of content in different forms.

Content can be:

· Videos from your YouTube channel

· Audio content

· Article posts

· Guest posts

· Curated content

The key is to add varied content daily if you can, and to add content that will appeal to a wide range of people. Some prefer to read rather than watch a video. And some would rather watch a video. Provide abundant, interesting content in variety of formats.

TIP # 8: Put Together a Funnel for a Paid Product

Regular visitors to your site expect to see paid offers. After all, you’re running an online business. So by all means you should set up a funnel for a paid product.

This can be your own product or an affiliate offer.

You can offer:

· A Video course

· An MP3 audio book

· An EBook

· A popular affiliate offer

Once you create the product or determine your affiliate offer, create a sales page, and place the link on your site. You can use a service like ClickBank or PayPal to process payments. A clear CTA will direct the attention of visitors to your offer.

TIP # 9: Invite Visitors to Share Your Content on Social Media

People who regularly visit your site do so because they enjoy your fresh, useful content. And if you provide share buttons for social media, they’ll share your content.

You can add Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+ share buttons. Make sure that they’re prominently placed on your site and ask visitors to share your content.

You can also do something more with Facebook. You can set up a Facebook fan page and add a link to that page from your site. You can also create a Google+ profile. Google will thus identify you as the author of your site, and it also serves to index new content.

Never downplay the role of social media to expand your online presence. When thousands of people consistently share your content via social media, you’ll see a dramatic increase in your popularity and brand. You’ll quickly be deemed an expert in your niche.

TIP # 10: Regularly Track Your Performance

Gauging the performance of your site is essential. You can easily do it by using something like Google Analytics. Get an account and add the tracking code to your site.

What should you check on regular basis?

Check these five key metrics monthly:

  1. Unique visitors to your site
  2. New subscribers
  3. New sales
  4. Your opt in rate
  5. Average visit duration

Analyzing monthly stats will enable you to see where to place emphasis for better site performance. When you see what needs to be shored up, set a goal and go to it. But you’ll only know this by tracking your site’s performance.

Tracking your site’s performance on a monthly basis will contribute to your online success. You’ll be glad you did this when you see the monetary results.

Always Work to Improve Site Performance

There you have ten tips for greater website performance. Study these tips and begin to use the ones you’ve yet to use. Always work to improve site performance by employing all ten tips.

When you put forth the effort you’ll find greater satisfaction in your online venture, and you’ll love the increase you see in your bank account.

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