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10 Tips For Fast Fat Loss!

Aug 9th 2012 at 1:25 AM

Looking for that "push" to take you to control your metabolism and use the bathing suit that is ready? The following ten tips will improve your workouts And ignite your metabolism. Try some or all of these tips, but beware, the result can be a number of admiring glances.

1. Most of the exercises should be composed of exercises with free weights and cable.

Compared with machines, free weight movements and movements of cable often require more skill, because they must create muscular balance, and have a higher metabolic cost. For example, it is more difficult to balance the weights, to coordinate muscles to exercise with free weights. Although this may sound like a disadvantage, it is actually a benefit. By balancing and stabilizing free-weights or cables, are working more muscles through a greater range of motion, the result: bigger muscles and more calories burned.

2. Use most compound exercises (multi-joint and multi-muscle)

When focusing on improving body composition, can not worry about the "details", so you should use exercises that you can give the most of your goal. Isolation exercises can be used at the end of a workout to work on a specific deficiency, but only in minimal amounts.

Virtually all smart fitness professionals, are aware of the fact that compound exercises can be used to work muscle groups from all over the body.

If you are looking to increase muscle mass and metabolism that comes with it, you must choose exercises that allow the greatest burden. One of the main reasons why squats, is to tone the upper parts of the leg extensions for quadriceps development. It relates to the fact that the load may expose the quadriceps is much greater with squats. That's why presses and dips will give you great triceps development, while the triceps will do little for the development of metabolism.

A good rule of thumb is to use the elevators, they let you use the most weight. These will have a systemic effect on your body and help you maintain or increase muscle mass, and in turn ignite your metabolism.

3. Super-set or group exercises.

Performing any physical work by muscle group, but they do not compete with each other. The training of the muscles per group, be done with those muscles that do not compete. This would make a series of exercises for the lower body. And then continue with a training of the upper body so antagonistic. Running the exercises alternating exercises that target opposing muscle groups (eg chest and back). The list of benefits includes: quicker recovery, increase strength levels and shorter workout.

This design can be a huge advantage in your mission to burn fat. If the alternative exercises for the opposition or non-competing muscle groups, you will be able to keep your heart rate elevated and burn calories like a blast furnace!

4. Maintaining rep ranges generally between 8 and 12.

Through research, it has been determined that the best range for hypertrophy (increased muscle) is approximately between 8-12 repetitions. Since the main focus of your resistance training efforts is to gain muscle mass and boost metabolism, this rep range fills a perfect training. A good representative of exercises to tone and the diet solution program review pros cons is the "Big Kahuna". Somehow the aerobics, yoga and all turned-Pilates community have convinced us that when we perform bodyweight exercises or resistance training in light of high reps, muscles magically take on a beautiful no-growth or lump . On the other hand, if you work with moderately heavy weights, your body will look bulky, unflattering. If you believe this, you probably still believe in the tooth fairy!

5. The rest should only be 30 to 60 seconds between sets.

If you keep the rest periods less than a minute, is easier to concentrate on the task and keep your heart rate elevated. It also forces the muscles to recover faster between sets, along with keeping your nervous system accelerated.

If your first movement in an upper / lower body superset is squats, you might want to rest 60 seconds before attempting your second movement. However, if your first exercise is fairly "easy", you may just want to wait 30 seconds before the second part of the super series.

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