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Wow!!! It has been like one year ago since I have been here on IM faceplate. I was one of the ones who joined early in 2010 I believe. I have to make a bunch of new updates here on my faceplate.Thanks

*** 1 - 2 - 3 FREE Emergency Food: The Ultimate Guarantee - Join For Free ***

Aug 27th 2010 at 2:05 PM

Over the past few years, there have been many things sent to me as business opportunities. After looking this one over, I decided that before I said no, I would risk my $5.95 to see if the value and taste of the food is as good as Sun Dance Global say it is. I thought you might want to check it out too?

Listen to the short video and click the WIN button.

Also, when you join you will go to a page and this is what you will see the following message… pay very close attention to the part I have changed to RED. You will also receive a welcome letter be sure to read it in its entirety! This is exciting! Success!

Thank for your joining Sundance Global! We are excited to have you as part of the team .
Your registration is complete.

To help get you started, here are a few things we want you to know:

* You can direct potential members to sign-up via your personal web site, which will automatically place them in your holding tree. You have 48 hours to manually place them before they are automatically placed in your Family Tree for you.
* Your personal website address is:
* You can now log in to your Back Office you can view the status of your account and your Family Tree.

You have 1 free food credit.

 $20 Worth of Food No Cost, just pay small fee s/h $5.95

This was just launched. 
Help families across America receive their FREE  food also.

Q: I saw on the front of the website the offer for $20 of FREE food for registering for FREE. Is there any other way to earn FREE food during the Pre-registration time?

A: That is true. Everyone that registers for FREE right now instantly receives a $20 product package. All they have to do is pay the nominal shipping and handling charge $5.95 and your FREE food is shipped out Priority.

You also earn an additional $20 of FREE food for every 2 people you register for FREE that redeem their $20 of FREE food.

For example let's say you enroll 12 people for FREE and 10 of them redeem their $20 of FREE food then you would earn an additional $100 in FREE food.

More details on this incredible offer will be posted shortly. This offer and FREE food will end on 10-20-2010 so do not wait and cash in on as much Sundance GOLD as you can right now for FREE!

------------------------------ --------------------------
Here is the information and you need to pay attention to.

There will be some HUGE Checks Paid for October! Please review this video, we have all the voice done and over half of the pictures will have the rest done before weekend is over!

Here's the Web site:

Welcome to the currency of the Future!

Please review this information then grab a spot and build your team:

Think about it, we know with the situation our country is in - This Will Be Huge!

Help them get their FREE POSITION NOW:

You will then immediately have your own web site, including a fully functional Back Office!


My enroller got his samples and they taste great and his wife said they were delicious too.
You will love to order a sampling of our great tasting foods, with a 15 Year Shelf Life!
"Sundance Global will be introducing a New Currency that will change the way you think"


I received my welcome message instantly. I then ordered the following items for only $5.95

8 Free Meals Pack


    * 1 pouch "Tortilla Soup" = 2 meals
    * 1 pouch "Cheesy Chicken Rice Casserole" = 2 meals
    * 1 pouch "Creamy Potato Soup" = 2 meals
    * 1 pouch "Cheddar Broccoli Soup" = 2 meals


I got in this three weeks ago as a leader receive my food over-night and had the Creamy Potato Soup.  I love it and my wife said it was delicious. That's when I knew I had a winner and this would be a piece of cake.  Who cannot give away 'FREE FOOD'.

1. Join the Sundance Global program

2. Order your food.

3. Refer just atleast one new member

To our success,
DeMarcus Davenport

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