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May 6th 2011 at 9:25 AM

How big is an average downline?

These are the type of stats that a paid MLM system are never going to share with you, put my words to the test and contact them and say.

"Tell me the average downline after someone has been a member for 4 months, then I can make an informed decision before I pay to join you".

You know what will happen, you are going to get some answer about how it varies and they cannot share etc. What a pile of rubbish (putting it mildly). At 0mlm we have an open policy, if our system doesn't work we want to know, what want to fix it. Only when something works can you take it to be a world leading company, which is our aim.

I spent 30 minutes today writing a script that adds up all the level 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5s to work out an average. If you do this for the newest 500 members then they will of course be very low as they are just getting started so for this article I took the first 500 sign ups to the site. These will be members that joined in January 2011 and today is the 2nd of May 2011. To save you the maths this comes in at 122 days and without any stalling or excuses here is what the average downline looks like:

Level 1 = 3.79 people 
Level 2 = 11.702 people 
Level 3 = 19.818 people 
Level 4 = 25.43 people 
Level 5 = 25.988 people

This makes a total of 86.728 people. If we assume that each person can earn you $1 of profit for each of the 5 sites that you are given free with 0mlm then your yearly forecast is estimated at $5,203.68.

You can see that in this calculation level 5 has not had time to develop, as the growth ratio is 102%. In fact it would be interesting to look at the growth ratios per level. If I'm loosing you with the maths don't worry, I will explain. The longer you are a 0mlm member you will have more time to grow each level. Level 1 has 3.79 people and this has generated 11.702 people, you can therefore calculate that level 2 is 308% bigger than level 1, or in other words it's about 3x bigger. So let's look at that in a table:

Level 1 growth factor = na 
Level 2 growth factor = 3.08 
Level 3 growth factor = 1.69 
Level 4 growth factor = 1.28 
Level 5 growth factor = 1.02

It's fair to assume overtime that these numbers will become the same but I will write an update later in the year based on running my script once again.


So what does this mean for someone looking for a home business opportunity? It means after 4 months the average person will have 86 people in their downline and based on an estimate of $1 profit per person per site per month makes a total of $5,203.68 per year. Did I also mention that 0mlm is 100% free? No sign up fee, no hosting fee, no domain name fee. In fact is so free that we don't even have an option to enter any credit card information.

So consider joining us before you jump in to a paid MLM.

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