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Why to choose jute bags over plastic for shopping?

Nov 12th 2014 at 4:21 AM

When the concept of plastic bags was launched for wrapping up or holding belongings in 1980’s, no one has realized it is soon going to be disastrous. After few years of its huge popularity all across the world, issues like global warming, scarcity of resources started popping up. This is why foreign countries banned the use of plastic for carrying grocery items, lunch boxes, packaging etc.

Some facts about plastic that led to its discontinuity are discussed below:

· Every year throughout the world around 500 billion to one trillion plastic bags are used. While they are claimed to be recyclable, less than 3% of them actually go through the process of salvaging. Rest of the part contributes in creating landfill waste, ocean debris or found as litter on streets. As per the sources, around 4 billion bags end up as litter worldwide annually.

· Plastic bags in landfills generally sit for around 1000 years before going through decomposition. Even while degrading into smaller compounds, toxic chemicals are released by them into the soil. As a result, vegetation and animals feeding on such polluted land pose a great risk of health hazards. In short, plants, animals and even humans all are harmed at some point of time.

· A research was conducted all across the world on marine life and its results were quite shocking. The dead sea life of ocean was found to be infected with plastic debris. By 2002, about 75% of marine life death caused due to plastic. It was even termed as the silent killer of the aquatic world. Plastic bioaccumulation in the sea turtles releases some chemicals responsible for the excess secretion of estrogen.

· As per the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), in the list of companies which release most hazardous compounds, plastic industry comes among the top 5. Increased risk of obesity, early onset of puberty, type 2 diabetes, heart diseases, liver complications are some of the health risk chemicals related to plastic can cause. Apart from this,

India too is aware about the consequences but is still struggling in prohibiting its use completely. Still, malls and other big companies are trying to get involved in the culture of reusable and biodegradable bags. Among cotton, canvas and paper bags, jute found to be very useful and popular among the people. They are cost effective and most importantly durable in texture.

A better scope for functionality and ease to carry they offer is liked by the shoppers. Then, there is use of attractive graphics, colorful images and even catchphrases which make jute easily accepted by all. Solid, liquid, light weight or heavy load any kind of stuff can be placed in these handy yet trendy bags. Even as one of the means of branding, organizations have started using the jute totes.


For jute bags online shopping, you can visit since they have an exciting range for the same at reasonable prices. Their colors don’t bleed and the texture remains unaffected by atmospheric changes. You can use them in winter, summer or even rainy season since they have great tendency to absorb moisture. You can get them customized in any color, size or print you desire for adding some fun to your shopping. Check out the website to know about exciting offers and available designs.

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