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Why Are Cooling Fans So Important for Electronic Cabinets?

Oct 9th 2015 at 2:17 AM

Have you ever felt lethargic, out of breath, and exhausted on a scorching hot day? Perhaps you had been running and giving everything you got within you to perform magnificently while the sun beats down upon your back. After a few laps you start to feel fatigued and in need of a cool breeze. This is exactly how your electronics feel when cooped up in a cabinet without any air circulation.

Unlike you, who is capable of getting some fresh air and an ice-cold beverage, your electronics, must continue working at peak performance even when they are overheating. Eventually, their inner workings will give up and they will succumb to meltdown due to inefficient airflow and overheating. Where does that leave you?.

It leaves you having to break your bank account in order to replace these expensive electronics and it leaves you inconvenienced and behind on any projects that you need your electronics for. This is why having adequate airflow via electronic cooling fans installed inside of your cabinets is essential.

When PCs, laptops, TVs, gaming consoles, and other devices become overheated due to being housed in enclosed spaces, they don't work as well and eventually die. In some cases, computers will automatically shut down when they become overheated. However, when an electronic is consistently overheating and shutting down, this causes wear and tear on the device, which decreases its longevity.

Installing a cooling system into your electronics cabinet not only protects your units but it also cuts down on the risk of fire associated with overheating. Cooling systems provide great fire security measures in both the home and workplace. In fact, some property insurance companies insist that their clients have appropriate cooling systems in place for all electronic devices.

Cooling systems can prevent your electronics from performing sluggishly. Think about working in a major office where everyone is using PCs within the same system. If there are no fans in place, there is no way that your computer and everyone else's is going to make it through the day without crashing at least once. This puts company deadlines at risk and can cost you a client.

Having the appropriate fan installed in your electronics cabinet is also vital. You want a fan that is capable of meeting your cooling needs without having to work too hard. If the right unit is not installed, it could shirt circuit. Fans that are also performing to hard tend to make a lot of noise and nobody wants to listen to a buzzing noise while they try to work or relax.

The best way to avoid any ill encounters with your electronics overheating is prevention. Install the proper cooling fans right off the bat to ensure your equipment is protected from day one. Did you know that when fans are used, heat produced by electronics will dissipate much quicker, which is excellent for your electronics? Fans also keep temperatures in ideal ranges.

After you choose and install the appropriate fan, it is important to keep it properly maintained by cleaning it regularly. This not only helps the fan to always work at peak performance but it increases the longevity of the device. When a fan gets dirty, it doesn't produce the level of cooling that your electronics need and therefore defeats the purpose of even being installed.

Regular cleaning will ensure that all dust and debris are cleared off the fan blades and keep them moving freely. The filter will catch most of the dirt and grime but you still need to wipe the blades down with a moist towelette or cloth. If you are unsure on how to appropriately do this, seek out the sound advice of an electronics cooling cabinet specialists.

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