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When your design choices get in the way of potential buyers

Oct 26th 2010 at 6:12 AM

Does your Handyman Special have a stunning renovated price tag? Decorating is what you do for yourself.   If you think back to when you purchased your home, you might remember the state the home was in when you purchased it.   Chance are it was a far cry from what you have right now.   I am willing to even bet you spent hours picking out paint swatches, flooring, furniture and every item that decorates your  home.   You were excited to decorate it with all the things that made you happy.   You may even have the before pictures of the hideous wall paper and horrible color choices of the prior owners to show your friends what you were able to accomplish.

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What works for you, may not appeal to today’s buyers

Most likely you purchased your home thinking you were going to be there 20 years and you decorated in a manner that brought you great joy.     There are some things home owners do for their comfort and make the home work for them that does not work for potential buyers.   Buyers from first time home buyers to the luxury home buyers don’t want or are unable to make significant changes once they purchase a home.

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So homes that have the appearance of needing a lot of work will be passed by for homes that are more appealing.   Because you do not want to be one of those homes that are passed over we thought it might be a good time to discuss things that may turn off a potential buyer.   Your home showing could be impacted by many factors:

  • First impressions are huge.   Is your WNY home clean?  That means glass sparkling, beds made and clutter removed.
  • A clash of styles — does your home flow room to room?  Or do you have the Japanese Tea Room design for the dining room while the across the hall you have the ultra modern black and white thing going on with a huge floral country kitchen with mix and match appliances?  Yea that is quite a visual–imagine the buyers reaction?
  • How does your powder room look?    Does it look modern or does it look like it was last updated in the early ’80′s?
  • Wallpaper — I don’t care what HGTV is telling everyone — Buyers in WNY cringe when they see wallpaper — even the very expensive and well done kind.
  • Gold fixtures in the bathroom.    Guess what buyers can’t get past it.
  • Don’t over look the fact that if you decorate for the seasons that many home buyers may look harshly at your home if you become lax in changing for the season.   It adds the question — what else do you neglect in your home?

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Oct 26th 2010 at 4:30 PM by deewest
Colleen- Good Article We remodeled our home a few years back in the popular colors at the time.. but every year is a different fad, new colors.. hard to keep up.. LOL Glad to meet you Welcome to Im Face Plate Dee

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