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When Relocating or Refurbishing an Office Environment, Trust a Professional

Nov 4th 2015 at 2:17 AM

When people think of relocating, they usually think of a family that moves from one location to another. However, companies and businesses of all sizes also find themselves needing to either relocate or refurbish their office environments. When this happens, most find it best to trust the process to a qualified company that specializes in these services.

Companies that help with relocating an office are seasoned professionals that can help you every step of the way, from advice on possible relocation sites to budget advice, to help with various contractual and legal issues. One of the first steps involved in relocating or refurbishing an office is the design process. After all, most companies’ new locations will look different than the ones they were in before, requiring a different use of space, colours, and energy. In order for the final result to look and feel the way you want it to, the use of professional companies is a must. Moving or refurbishing an office is something seldom done correctly by individuals, because it is a complex process with many, many steps. One mistake in just one of these steps can cost your business not only time, but money, too.

How Do These Companies Help?

Many companies, particularly large ones, find themselves being in one place for many years or even decades. When a move finally does occur, they often find themselves in a new, more contemporary environment they may not know what to do with. Relocation companies can help in this instance. Professional relocation experts at companies such as Strategy Hat are contemporary office designers and can help you produce results that will not only look good, but increase business, too.

It may seem that relocation services are only available to those businesses with unlimited amounts of cash, but this is far from the case. Regardless of your budget, these companies will help you design your new office space in the most efficient way possible, so that the new space is both practical and functional. These companies will help even small- and medium-sized businesses relocate in an efficient manner, regardless of their budgets.

This does not mean that a business relocating should not discuss their budget with these companies. At the initial meeting, you should discuss not only your needs and design requirements, but your exact budget as well. This way, it will be clear to both of you what you are working with and will reduce the chance of a misunderstanding along the way.

Companies will start with a complete assessment of your current and future office needs. This enables both sides to make sure they have the same goals in mind, and the best options to accomplish these goals. After the initial assessment, these companies will assist you as you begin the process of selecting the right design team. These teams will then begin the process of designing your new office, from delivery costs, to implementing timescales. The teams will be there every step of the way, from assessment to the completion of the design.

How Should You Choose a Company?

There are a lot of companies that will help you relocate or refurbish your office environment. When interviewing prospective relocation companies, it is essential that you ask specific questions about everything from budgets, to design needs, and to services after the fact. These include questions like:

  • What exactly does the company do? Ideally, a company will provide services that include basic guidance and information, methodology suggestions, and recommending suppliers and professional teams. Getting a list of all of these services upfront is an excellent way to decrease the odds of a misunderstanding later on.

  • What tools does the company offer? Most reputable companies offer in-person meetings with experts, as well as a host of online tools and checklists to make sure you’re on the right track every step of the way. These companies’ employees should be easy to contact, regardless of your need or question.

  • What kind of experience does the company have? The company should have many years of experience and be able to offer a list of referrals. They should also have on staff a group of professionals from various areas, such as designing, building, and relocation. Experience is a must.

  • What are the costs involved in the process? This is an important step. Most companies charge a per-hour fee that is similar to other professionals, like lawyers and accountants, a small price to pay for these types of services.

  • How long do they work with you on your project? Ideally, the company will work with you through to the end, and will make sure you are satisfied with the final results. Reputable companies will not risk their reputation by completing a less-than-perfect relocation job.

  • Is my project going to remain confidential? Companies should guarantee your anonymity; some will even offer to sign a non-disclosure agreement so you are assured they will keep quiet about your particular job.

  • Does the company offer a free initial consultation? More often than not, companies agree to charge you nothing for your first consultation. This is another good reason to ask as many questions as possible during that first meeting. After all, you do not want any surprises along the way.

Most companies also offer an easy way to get in touch with them. Companies should have working telephone numbers and email addresses. You should be able to contact them at any point during the process, and they should return phone calls or emails quickly. Many will also be available on social media outlets, such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as blogs, enabling you to go online and chat with other customers about their services.

When relocating or refurbishing your office environment, relocation companies are experienced professionals who will help you with advice, design, and implementation of your move. Doing the proper research and asking the right questions increases the odds that you will find the right company the first time, and this will start you on your way to your new location.


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