What you need to know when buying a stainless steel kitchen sink

Nov 14th 2015 at 1:26 AM

When buying a kitchen sink there are many things that need to be considered before you can make the right choice for a kitchen sink that you need. When it comes to a stainless steel kitchen, which is often the most popular type of kitchen sink that is sought after by most home owners, you need to pay attention to different aspects and characteristics of the stainless steel so that it can meets your needs. By and large, the different characteristics that you choose based on the quality of the steel will have different cost implications. Therefore, how do you balance what you need, with the budget that you have? Below are some useful tips to help you out.

If you want a stainless kitchen sink, then the first thing that you probably think about is a stainless steel kitchen sink. This is probably because most people imagine that stainless steel can take a lot of beating before it stains. Whereas this is mostly true, it is important to understand how this works and the different qualities of this material that make it stainless. In many cases, the stainless steel is actually coated with different materials for different reasons so that the material can have additional qualities. These additional qualities include; more shine, less reverberation especially when garbage disposal units are connected to the sink and so on. Whereas these coatings have become better over time, it is important to consider what the effect of the different coating materials will be. In essence, the steel underneath may not stain, but you still need to know how to take care of the sink to ensure that it looks good for a long time to come by not damaging the stainless steel sink coating.

An issue that is closely related to this and which is more important than the coating on the stainless steel is the thickness of the stainless steel itself. Basically, stainless steel sinks can be purchased according to different metal gauges. The thicker and heavier gauges are usually 18-gauge and lower while the thinner gauges are around 24-gauge steel. The thinner gauges are cheaper and have different qualities that need to be considered including the fact that they tend to vibrate more and are therefore not very good if you need a garbage disposal unit attached to it.  The best thing to do is to look for a good balance of the right gauge for your needs and the right cost that you can afford. Once you know the gauge of stainless steel sink that you need you can simply go and purchase it from a wholesale kitchen sinks supplier. Other important considerations that you will need to have in mind as you purchase a stainless steel kitchen sink include; the depth of the sink, and the right size of the sink. You want to match the sink with the space that you have for the sink as well.

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