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What You Need to Know About Snakes

May 12th 2015 at 2:23 AM

Whether you fear them, love them, or feel neutral, you generally cannot go through life without encountering a snake at some point. Found globally, excluding five countries, in a variety of environments, they are generally in tropical regions. They are flexible, long rather than wide, limbless, and cold-blooded, meaning they are usually inactive during cool winter days. Venomous snakes that are commonly found in North America include the Copper Head snake, Rattlesnake, Water Moccasin, and Coral Snake. The Copper Head snake is the most common type and can be found in most any North American locale. The Rattlesnake is also common, with San Diego County alone home to four different types. Here is some basic information about snakes and what you need to know to avoid getting injured by one.


These reptiles use their unique forked tongues to smell the air. They are ectotherms, which means they control their body temperature by changing their environment – going to a colder, shaded space to cool themselves, or a warm, sunny spot for heat. Snakes are earless, but can sense vibrations. A Cobra, for example, can feel a human’s vibration from a distance the length of a football field! They are most active at dusk, and can stay quiet and still for long periods of time in order to alter their temperature or wait for prey. They can also climb, get into buildings through cracks and small wall openings, and swim.

Snake Bites

Despite being feared greatly by many humans, venomous snake bites are almost never deadly, and you can prevent or drastically reduce your chances of being bitten by taking the proper precautions. Most snakes are not venomous (375 contain potentially harmful venom, out of at least 2,900 species).Of those, you’ll particularly want to watch out for Copper Heads and Rattlesnakes. Copper Heads will often bite humans if people lift an item they are hiding under. Rattlesnakes are not usually aggressive, but if they feel threatened they can bite and it can be dangerous. If you encounter a snake, it’s important to leave it be and not pick up or try to grab it – which is how most people get bitten. You should contact a pest control company to remove a snake that’s threatening your home or environment.

You May Not Know

Snakes shed their skin three to six times annually. They use their tongues to transmit smells to organs in the roof of their mouth, enabling them to track their prey. Unique rear-facing teeth keep prey from escaping their mouths. To learn more snake removal in El Cajon please visit this website.

Author Bio:

David has over 10 years of experience dealing with Pest Control situations. You can find his thoughts at Storify blog.

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