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What Qualities To Look For In Aftermarket Cords

Nov 3rd 2015 at 10:07 AM

When your Makita drill cord goes bad, you start the hunt for original Makita repair parts. However, these isn’t any harm in looking for quality aftermarket cords that utilize best in class materials to give better electrical conductivity and enhanced durability. Apart from that the manufacturing procedures should correspond to modern standards that shows result in terms of exceptional quality, performance and reliability. Leading features of Aftermarket cords should be as follows:

BETTER CONDUCTIVITY – Aftermarket cords shall use high grade Electrolytic-Tough Pitch (ETP) copper, a high-purity copper that contains oxygen as an alloying agent, which is best suited for bulk of electrical conductor applications because of its high electrical conductivity and improved annealability. ETP copper can be used for power transmission, power distribution, and telecommunications. Common applications may include building wire, motor windings, cables, and bus bars.

Copper cables should be braided to provide better flexibility to the cord and make it impact resistant. Sometimes it is better to get the aftermarket replacement parts instead of trying hard to purchase genuine Delta repair parts that might have been manufactured in China as well.

HIGH QUALITY INSULATION – Aftermarket has 3 kinds of cords SJO, SJTW & STOOW

The 'S' and 'J' letters in each of these types mean that they are Junior Service. Junior service simply means that the voltage rating of the cord is 300 volts. A single ‘O’ designates an oil resistant outer jacket, while the double ‘OO’ stands for oil resistant insulation and an oil resistant outer jacket. Finally, the ‘W’ stands for weather and water resistant, and is CSA approved for indoor or outdoor use.

You can tell what type of jacket the cord has by reading the letters as well. A thermoplastic elastomer jacket will have the letter "E", usually after the "S" or "SJ" depending on the service type. A thermoplastic jacket will have a "T" instead of an "E" in the same spot. The absence of an "E" or a "T" means it has a thermoset rubber jacket.



· SJO cords are oil and moisture resistant, have good tensile strength, elongation and aging characteristics with high flexibility and excellent abrasion resistance.

· SJO cords may be used for portable tools and equipment, portable appliances, small motors and associated machinery.

· SJO cords have black jacket that works best at temperatures between -40C to 90C.



· SJTW cords are oil, water, acid, alkali, and ozone resistant. They are approved for outdoor use and are flame retardant with flexibility.

· SJTW cords are hard usage service cords designed for use with heavy tools, equipment, portable lights and power extensions. They are also used with large appliances and lighting installations.

· SJTW cords have a black jacket that works best at temperatures between -34C to 105C.



· STOOW cords are oil, acid, alkali and ozone resistant.

· STOOW cords are designed for extra hard usage with heavy tools, equipment, portable lights and power extensions.

· SJTW cords have a black jacket that works best at temperatures between -40C to 60C.

Professional grade cords feature an extra cushion of insulation with additional Jute Fiber coating. Advantages of jute include enhanced insulating and antistatic properties, as well as having low thermal conductivity and moderate moisture regain. It also improves the toughness and durability of the cord. Moreover, Jute fiber is 100% bio-degradable and recyclable and thus environmentally friendly.

Standardized Safety – All Aftermarket cords shall be UL approved. UL (Underwriters Laboratories) approved product means that UL has tested representative samples of the product and determined that it meets UL's requirements. These requirements are based primarily on UL's published and nationally recognized Standards for Safety. UL is one of several companies approved to perform safety testing by the US federal agency Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). offers you to buy Makita repair parts, CST-Berger repair parts and Delta repair parts on lowest online prices.

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