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What are Bedbugs?

Dec 3rd 2015 at 12:08 PM

Bedbugs are small, brownish, oval-shaped insects that have a penchant for human and animal blood. Adult bedbugs, which are approximately the same size as an apple seed, have flat bodies. However, after feeding, the body swells like a balloon and becomes reddish in color.

They do not fly, but they are able to move rapidly up walls, and over ceilings and floors. The females can lay hundreds of eggs over her lifetime, each of which is no larger than the smallest speck of dust.

The immature bedbugs, which are called nymphs, only reach maturity after shedding their skin a number of times. They require a feast of blood prior to each individual shedding. Given favorable conditions, they may develop fully within a few weeks and can produce as many as three to four generations over the course of a year.

Bedbugs are indeed a nuisance, but they fail to transmit diseases.


Where do Bedbugs Reside?

Bedbugs can enter into a home entirely undetected via clothing, luggage, and within previously used couches and beds. They can fit into tiny spaces on account of their flattened body shape.

They do not inhabit a nest, though they do live together in groupings. Typically, they will reside in a mattress, in bed frames, or in headboards, whereby they have easy access to a food supply.

Given time, bedbugs may relocate to other areas within the bedroom or to other rooms within a home. Since they rely solely on a supply of blood, if you do have bedbugs within your home, it does not signify any level of poor hygiene. It’s as likely to find them within any immaculately clean home or five-star hotel room.


When Bedbugs Bite

These insects are frequently active during the nighttime and tend to feast during a person’s sleep. To feed, they will pierce the skin of their pray after which they withdraw blood via an elongated beak. The bug will then feast for a period of between three and ten minutes, after which, they “balloon” and recover to hide.

At first, a bedbug’s bite tends to be painless, though more latterly, they frequently formulate an itchy welt on the skin’s surface. Quite unlike flea bites that persist mostly around the ankle area, bedbug bites can occur on any part of the body.

People who are unaware of an infestation of bedbugs often attribute the skin welts and itching to a variety of other causes like mosquitoes. In order to confirm that the bites are caused by bedbugs, it’s necessary to find the bugs and identify them.

If your home is infested with bedbugs, get in touch with a professional such as Scottsdale Bed Bug Expert.

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