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Venetian Blinds Cleaning Guide

Jul 16th 2015 at 3:26 AM

Venetian blinds have become an essential component in modern day home decoration. Homes can be provided a new look and feel with the installation of the Venetian blinds. These blinds require to be kept clean since they are used for window covering which is a lighting and aeration facility in a room. Also the blinds should be maintained well to keep them appealing to the eyes of the onlookers.

Due to the fast growing economy, most people have taken into turning every free time they get to fit in their financial needs. This means that they will not be able to afford much time in cleaning the window blinds regularly. All the same venetian blinds come to the rescue of homeowners since once they are installed; they last for quite a long time with very simple cleaning basics. Often a simple swipe through the blinds using a damp cloth on weekdays and some extra cleaning on weekends will keep the venetian blinds as good as new. Without proper care and maintenance, venetian blinds just like any other type of blinds can get worn and disfigured too. It is wise if you learn various steps of cleaning these blinds effectively. In order for your venetian blinds to meet the aesthetic needs of onlookers, you need to learn some tips on effectively cleaning the venetian blinds. Below are some of these tips.

I. Follow the manufacturer’s guide

Before you start off cleaning, it is wise to take a little time to read the manufacturers guide. Manufacturers indicate a few instructions on the cleaning and maintenance of the blinds. There are different cleaning instructions for different designs and materials of venetian blinds. According to the manufacturers some guides will instruct you not to clean the venetian blinds using moist cloth others will advise you the opposite. Follow the instructions and warnings provided by the manufacturer.

II. Use a vacuum cleaner or feather duster

In case you clean your venetian blinds regularly, it is advisable to use vacuum cleaners or a feather duster to avoid making scratches . But in case you feel proper attention is required for your venetian blinds, then you should make a careful choice of what to use in the cleaning process. Most manufacturers advice you on using a slightly damp cloth and wipe through each slat slowly. You should try and avoid using detergents or any chemical solution to avoid reaction.


III. Close the slats of the Venetian blinds

With the slats closed you can be able to wipe the slats using a dry cloth or feather duster thoroughly. This ensures that all corners have been thoroughly cleaned leaving no unattended spots.


IV. Turn to the reverse side

It is quite easy to forget cleaning the reverse side of the venetian blinds since it is facing outside. It is advisable to open and close the venetian blinds so that the reverse side of the blind faces you. When cleaning the reverse side use a soft duster to clean this side properly.


V. Inspect for missed spots

After you have completed the cleaning process, inspect the venetian blinds properly so that you can ensure no spot was left unattended. Open and close the slats for couple of times to make sure that every corner and angle of the blind has been cleaned. If you are satisfied with the results then the cleaning work is complete.


Cleaning venetian blinds may sound as a hefty task but it is quite simple and does not require any technical knowledge. It also does not require much time.


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